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Blevins takes field as coach

By Caitlin Knox


Source: Al Blevins. Blevins leads the pre-game prayer.

Acting President Granetta Blevins was chosen as the honorary coach for this year’s homecoming game. According to Dr. John Sadlon, Coordinator of Honorary Coaches, Blevins is “likely the first college president in our history to be an honorary coach.”

As honorary coach, Blevins was asked to say the pre-game prayer. “It was wonderful,” Blevins said. “I’ve never been an honorary football coach before.” She was invited to the football locker room, a part of campus that she hadn’t seen since the stadium was being built years ago. “I was able to observe what it’s like for the players and coaches getting ready for the game.”

Blevins said that she made sure to be very aware of it being pre-game, taking in the focused, serious atmosphere. “They all had their game faces on,” she said.

Her husband Al was with her during all the Homecoming events, and as football fans they were both very excited about the game. They were able to watch the beginning of the game from the sidelines, which Blevins said was a totally different perspective.

“I could get used to watching the game on the field,” she said. “It’s hard not to get into the game!”

After spending some time in the President’s Box, the Blevins returned to the field to crown the Homecoming Court. Al Blevins, GC Athletic Hall of Fame basketball player, was able to help crown Homecoming King Montavius Marc (at 6’6”, Al was the only one who was tall enough).

In addition to serving as our Acting President, Blevins has served on the college’s Board of Trustees for 18 years, including two terms as board chair. A graduate of Georgetown College, she earned an MBA degree from Xavier University, and moved on to a distinguished 33-year career as a business leader in the state of Kentucky. She has her own business services practice, and has served as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for companies both large and small.

Her last day will be this Monday, Oct. 21, when Dr. Dwaine Greene will take over as president. She was glad to have the opportunity to share this special experience with GC before she stepped down as Acting President, saying, “It was fun, and it was quite an honor as well.”