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Wrestler inspires at Chapel

By Stephanie Lee
Copy Editor


Source: biggodlittlestu.blogspot.com. GC alum Stu Perry is a Christian motivational speaker by day and a professional wrestler by night.

Stu Perry graduated from Georgetown in 2011 with a Sociology degree. Now, he works with Ohio Valley Wrestling as a wrestler known as “Reverend Stuart Miles: The Pastor of Disaster.” He is also an internationally traveling motivational speaker. Perry returned to campus as the speaker for yesterday’s chapel service.

He began with a comedic story about his childhood. He was afraid of the KKK, and was terrified that they were going to abduct him because he watched The Cosby Show. This led into another funny anecdote about a goose that had everyone laughing.

Perry got serious as he told the audience of his battle with porn and addiction to cough syrup, as well as his depression and thoughts of suicide. He spoke of how he constantly called out to God for help, saying, “It was too much,” and that God would respond with, “You’re right. It is.” After several years of struggling, Perry’s life finally began to change, and today he no longer battles these addictions.

Perry paralleled his struggle with God to a story in the Old Testament about Jacob. Jacob had to literally wrestle with God, and when it became too much for him, he cried out for God to bless him. He tied this to his life and the lives of every Christian by saying that it’s okay to ask God why, and be upset at Him when bad things happen.

“We may never understand why we face certain trials and God is big enough to handle when we are angry with Him about what is going on in our lives. Sometimes, we need to put our fists up and wrestle with God (biggodlittlestu.blogspot.com).”

Perry reminded us all that although our struggles might be too much for us to handle, they are not too much for God to handle.
Perry concluded his message by showing the audience the dance he made to Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together.” Although silly, the dance had a deeper meaning: it symbolized his never, ever getting back together with his past addictions.

Perry also works as the youth ministries director with Adventure Christian Church in Louisville, Ky. To learn more about Perry visit his website: biggodlittlestu.blogspot.com.