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Spotify vs. Pandora

By Collin Smith
Photo Editor


Finding a quiet place to study on campus can be quite a challenge. To cope with this, students turn to music streaming programs such as Spotify and Pandora to distract from their surroundings. The question now is, “Which is better?”

Both platforms offer an online streaming radio, but I believe that Pandora is the better option. You can stream an online radio that is based on your musical interests. Once you’ve set up a free account, you can save the playlists you create. The playlist adapts as you input information about songs you like and dislike as you listen. If you dislike the ads, Pandora offers paid services that run $3.99 per month and $36 per year. Both of these options are significantly cheaper than Spotify’s $9.99 per month premium plan.

As I am a cheap college student, I prefer the free option, and I feel Pandora gives more bang for free. Pandora’s free option will stream to your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. It is also easy to access your account from any computer; no downloaded application is required to use it. I prefer Pandora for its ease of use. It takes a very minimal about of time to get the program up and running with your preferred station. As a foreign language major, it is extremely easy to discover new music despite being in a region that that music is not played in. Pandora opens up a whole new realm of inexpensive musical possibilities with just a click of a button.

By Meghan Alessi
Features Editor


Spotify is bounds and leaps better than Pandora. Here’s why:

Spotify lets you have more control over your own life. Maybe I don’t want to listen to this song, Pandora. Cool, I can skip this one. Wait a second, there’s a six-skip limit per hour/per station? Party foul.

With Spotify you can choose what songs you want to listen to, when you want to listen to them. You can find literally any song you want. You can also create handy-dandy playlists, which I personally appreciate when I am in charge of DJ-ing. Yes, you have to pay a little to get all of the sweet advantages Spotify Premium has to offer ($10 per month), but I find that it’s worth it. Like they say, “you get what you pay for.” Spotify Premium has no commercials and better options, including the ability to save your playlists to be played offline— something Pandora can’t provide.

Spotify has the ability to suggest new music to you, and it also tells you what your friends are listening to. You can even “follow” friends, family or musicians and share your musical styles with each other. If you’re ashamed of your late night jam sessions to old school Britney Spears and don’t want anyone to know, there’s a button to hide what you’re listening to.

Overall, Spotify is my ride-or-die. Pandora’s for the birds.