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Senior Spotlight: Kati Wilson

By Meghan Alessi
Features Editor


Source: facebook.com. Kati spends time with Chepito, her “little brother” for the summer.

Kati Wilson was born and raised in Somerset, Ky., the place she calls her home. When thinking about her college plans, she initially planned on going to Carson Newman College in Jefferson City, Tenn.

Visiting Georgetown on a whim, she enjoyed that the focus of her visit was on her. At Carson-Newman, the visit was more geared toward the aspects that would be good for her parents, rather than Kati as the student.

Kati is a sociology major with both an economics and political science minor. She is unsure of her plans after she graduates. She does know that she would love to work in Guatemala. She has traveled to Guatemala three times and says each time was a life-changing experience, especially when she lived there for two months over the previous summer.

“It was the most challenging, yet most rewarding summer of my life,” she recalled, “Living without the conveniences and comforts of home was hard, but getting to know the people there and learning their way of life is something I wouldn’t trade for the world.”

Her music library is full of anything but the original artists. She prefers listening to covers of songs by YouTube musicians. She also has a love for the musicals by Team Starkid, including “A Very Potter Musical” loosely based on Harry Potter.

A fun fact about Kati is that author John Green once yelled at her for getting a speeding ticket on the way to see him at an event in Indianapolis.

Kati has been involved in many organizations on campus over the last four years. Her freshman year, she jumped right into Freshman Family Groups (FFG) and enjoyed it enough to be an FFG “parent” for the following two years.

Kati is a member of Phi Mu and has served as their Treasurer and is currently on the Panhellenic Council.

Her fondest memories of her experience at Georgetown consist of late night study dates, trips to Hong’s and enjoying time well-spent with her friends on campus.
Kati has some advice for her fellow peers: “I know we’re a liberal arts college and we have to take classes that aren’t in our major, but take classes that you want to take for fun, not because they’re filling a requirement.”

Kati encourages students to do things that scare them.

“Take hard classes, branch out, join clubs, travel to foreign countries, whatever your heart desires, but make the most of your time here at Georgetown.”