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SAM revives bi-annual Frisbee tournament

By Leanndra W. Padgett
Copy Editor

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Source: Kati Wilson. Register for the Backhanding Slavery Ultimate Frisbee Tournament now on Facebook!

Fall is in the air—and on college campuses, so are Frisbees! Georgetown is no exception, and Ultimate Frisbee games abound. On Oct. 19, the Student Abolitionist Movement’s (SAM) annual Backhanding Slavery Ultimate Frisbee Tournament will take place, giving Frisbee lovers from all around the chance to show off their skills in a fun event for a good cause. Funds raised at the tournament will go to youcanfree.us, “an international movement that rescues women out of forced prostitution, providing victims home, rehabilitation, and care” (youcanfree.us).

The cost is $10 per player, with additional donations appreciated. Teams are made up of seven to ten players. All skill levels are welcome and it is a day of fun and excitement as players rally around a good game and a great cause. Individuals and teams can sign up through the facebook event page or by contacting Caliesha Comley (ccomley0@georgetowncollege.edu) or Leanndra Padgett (lpadget0@georgetowncollege.edu).

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Source: Kati Wilson

SAM self-identifies as “an active and growing organization seeking to increase awareness of modern-day slavery and human trafficking on Georgetown College’s campus and in our communities. SAM equips students to become modern-day abolitionists by increasing the passion to act and providing ways for students to get involved in the movement. Together, we can end slavery in our lifetime.” The group has already sponsored one event this semester, speaker Sujo John. He spoke in the Chapel about human trafficking and the organization youcanfree.us. A large focus of their work is in New Delhi, India, where the Rahab Center for Hope, a safe house for women, is located. After hearing John speak, the club decided that his organization would be the one to which they donated the proceeds from the tournament.

Additional SAM events for the semester include a movie night with fair trade snacks on Tuesday, Oct. 1 at 7:30 p.m., a Holiday Fair Trade Market on Nov. 21 and Orange Friday on Nov. 22.