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New choir director replaces Dr. Campbell

By Morgan Fralick

Staff Writer

Source: dailyindependent.com. Deakins has conducted choirs in Carnegie Hall.

Source: dailyindependent.com. Deakins has conducted choirs in Carnegie Hall.

This year the Music Department introduces Dr. Mark Deakins, the new conductor of the Georgetown College Chorale and Concert Choir.

Dr. Deakins received his undergraduate degree in music, specifically for organ and voice, from Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Mo. and Malone University in Canton, Ohio. Afterwards, Deakins obtained a masters degree in vocal and choral conducting from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. He received a doctorate in musicology from Union Institution in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Dr. Deakins said his high school days encouraged him to pursue a career in music and to become an instructor. The greatest encouragement came from his high school choir director. After Deakins received his musical training, he worked for 23 years as the Dean of the School of Music at Kentucky Christian University, a church music consultant for the Berean Bookstore chain and the director of the East Carter High School choir. He first heard about the open position in the Music Department here at Georgetown from a long-tome friend: the previous conductor, Dr. John Campbell, who accepted a position as music minister at a church in W. Va. In Deakins email to Chorale members, he said,

“I am happy to introduce myself as the man who will never take John’s place– especially in your hearts– but I hope to do an admirable job in the classroom and on the podium.”

When asked about his favorite choral memories, Deakins remembered when one of his choirs performed at the International Choral Festival in Havana, Cuba. Deakins said that “it was not only the most memorable musical experience, but the most spiritual.”

All faculty members come to Georgetown College with a goal in mind for what kind of legacy they wish leave and bestow to all the students that pass through these institutional gates, and Dr. Deakins is no exception. His goal, he says, is “to make the choirs the best they can be, to recruit as many students into the choral program, and to bring pride to the institution through the choral program.”

  • Lovetosing4Him.God

    Music has been my life, or in later years, my “Life”. I’ve performed, studied music, after coming to know Christ, Lived music through Ministry. After knowing him for some 40+ years, I can whole heartedly say that Dr. Deakins is one of the best (if not “the” best) I’ve ever studied under. If you ever get the chance to study/sing under his leadership, make every effort to do it. You will never regret it.