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Nathan Reich performs at Fine Arts Gallery

By Jackie Knight
Staff Writer


Source: berklee.edu. Reich is a folk music singer/songwriter from Nashville, Tenn. who performed on campus.

The scene at the Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Gallery Saturday night was calm, where half a dozen people in movie director style chairs gathered together. The performance was moved from the Lab Theater that evening. For anyone who’s never been to the gallery it’s a place to see; there are pieces of art all over every wall. Some art is as small as a postcard, others take up whole sides of the large, open room.

Nathan Reich, traveling songwriter and performer from Nashville, Tennessee, was at the front of the small crowd. After a brief tuning and a few words, he began to play “Somewhere in Colorado.” The acoustics of the room, something Reich mentioned himself, made his voice vibrate through the entire space so every nook and cranny of the gallery was filled with the sound of his voice and guitar. It was intimate with such a small space, but the reverberating tone off the walls made it feel like a concert hall. He sang songs off his CD, like “Home” and “Heart of Mine.” After a while he answered questions from the crowd about his life traveling around the country by himself, jokingly adding, “Come on, earn your Nexus credit.” He said he has “small families all over the place” in California and the East coast, and though some nights are lonely, “the good ones more than make up for them.” When asked why he made the move from New York City to Nashville, Reich recalled finding dead pigeons and rats on the sidewalk outside his New York home. After making the move to Nashville, Reich shows no signs of looking back. As an independent artist, he says he enjoys having full control of his music. Reich started the guitar at age 12, but didn’t begin writing music until he studied jazz guitar in college.

When asked after the performance how he had enjoyed the trip to Georgetown, Ky. he replied that he had a “wonderful time at a beautiful campus, in a beautiful part of the country.”