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Mondays and Tuesdays nearly kill me

By Jonathan Balmer
Opinion Editor

Georgetonian Favicon

You know what really grinds my gears? Scheduling! It seems like everyone assumes that any event, meeting, training, work, or party at Georgetown College must happen on a Monday or a Tuesday.

I’m serious. I have two of those two-to-three hour classes which take place on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

Rooted, the Campus ministry mid-week worship service, also takes place on Tuesday. I never get to go because of Georgetonian layout. Now, of course this is my own personal choice to work for the paper but do you know what else is a personal choice? Scheduling everything on Monday and Tuesday!

You see I have had Writing Center training every day on Tuesdays as well. And tonight there was a Grille-out hosted by Residence Life (at least it was for my dorm, I don’t know if it was the other places because I did not get to go).

Not to mention everything is due on Mondays. My student teaching application was due. My paper next week is due on a Monday. And, when I die, I expect that heaven or hell won’t accept my transfer of residence from earth to the afterlife until the paper meets its weekly filing which will no doubt also be on Monday (for mainly this reason I hope I do not die on a Monday or Tuesday: they are far to busy for those sort of inconveniences).

If you have ever seen those non-sequitur-filled Geico commercials, you know what I am talking about. In one commercial there is a camel who exclaims to his co-workers in an office on a Wednesday, “You know what day it is? It’s HUMP-DAY!”

I can empathize with the Geico commercial camel. Wednesdays are filled with magnificent hope, principally because everyone in the world stacks my Mondays and Tuesdays past capacity.

So if you’re in charge of something, for once consider scheduling your meeting for Thursday at 11 a.m. Some of us would really appreciate that. Our schedule and mental well-being require your mercy.