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Intramurals return

By Eric Balmer

Sports Editor

Source: Google

Source: Google

A beloved Georgetown tradition is starting back up: intramurals. Whether you enjoy “sweating like grease monkeys” in a game of dodgeball, or the more traditional game of shooting balls into hoops, there is probably an intramural you’ll enjoy.

Teams are usually composed of the students that live in the same dorm, although independents can compose a team with players from different living quarters. Each few weeks there will be certain sports that will be played by the different teams. For example, this past week the sport was kickball. During the next few weeks, softball will be played. Sports are played each year around the same time (kickball, softball and flag football in the fall; basketball and dodgeball in the winter etc.).

After each sport, there will be a tournament to decide the champions for that particular sport. Points are both awarded for both participation and for winning games. At the end of spring semester the points will be tallied up and the intramural champions for men and women will be determined.
Freshmen living in Anderson or Knight Hall that are interested in becoming involved with intramurals should talk to their Resident Advisor. An overall schedule of the dates of games are listed in the Grille, along with other information regarding intramural sports on campus.