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Friday night concert features good music for a cause

By Tyler Phillips
Staff Writer


This Friday at 7 p.m., Georgetown students will have a chance to take a stand against extreme global poverty. Both the student body and the Georgetown community at large have been invited to join One Campaign and Socialplug in the Quad for a free night of music, food, and political advocacy. The event will be offered for Nexus credit, and has confirmed that musicians Wes Smith, Cristobal Lopez and Lexington-based Masters of Karate will perform throughout the evening. The concert is a part of One Campaign’s national “Agit8” movement, which has encouraged its collegiate branches throughout the country to utilize music as a tool to generate advocacy against poverty. In order to give voice to their mission, One Campaign mobilizes students to write advocacy letters to members of congress. These letters urge congressional figures to increase the portion of the nation’s budget dedicated to foreign aid, which is currently less than one percent of total expenditure. In addition to the music, the concert will provide students with a chance to participate in this movement by signing petitions, registering for the movement online and even by composing their own letters to Washington. Throughout the night, attendees will also have the opportunity to hear messages delivered about the urgency of extreme poverty, led by Georgetown senior Jose Baeza.