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Don’t do laundry in college

By Caitlin Knox


washinmachineYou’ve put off doing laundry for far too long — you can tell because you’re wearing your least favorite underwear and you can’t find any socks that match. But when does a college student have time to do laundry? And what about the frustration that comes with it; gathering up your dirty clothes, trekking to the washers, and finding that they’re all occupied? Or when someone takes your clothes out and kindly puts them in the dryer for you, inadvertently shrinking your new shirt?

Don’t worry, there are several ways to avoid doing laundry in college:

1. I love you Mom —Tug on Mom’s heartstrings by coming home and making her feel needed. Give her a hug, tell her how much you’ve missed her, and she won’t be able to refuse when she sees your dirty clothes mountain. The only negative is, you may have to stay the entire weekend depending on how much laundry you want clean.

2. Pile it up —Although this method is used mostly by the men, everyone has used it at one point. Pile up your clothes on the floor, bed, chair or any empty space in your dorm. When you run out of clothes, take something out of the pile, smell it, and if it passes the smell test, put it on. If not, wear it anyway and put on an extra amount of body spray.

3. Date someone — Acquire a significant other that likes you so much, they will wash your clothes. It’s possible—one student had his laundry done for him by his current girlfriend until senior year. Make sure laundry is one of their skills before they turn your favorite t-shirt pink. Leave out anything that could be used against you, like baby blankets, granny panties or anything with superheroes on them. If you have a bad fight, you don’t want those hung on the campus flagpole.

4. Replacement shopping — Don’t re-wear your dirty clothes, that’s disgusting. Can’t find your favorite pair of jeans? Buy a replacement pair. This method is used mostly by women, because they know that no amount of body spray will hide the fact that you’re wearing dirty clothes. I guess some guys look past the wrinkles and old stains. This method can be expensive, and if you really do this, then you might have a shopping problem.

Let’s face it, none of these solutions are ideal. Really, the best thing to do is to learn how to do laundry. Although it’s one of the most avoided chores out there, it’s not hard. Especially if you don’t let it pile up too high.

Think of the advantages: a proud mom, a cleaner room (without that strange sock smell), a significant other who can’t blackmail you and more money in the bank.