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Convocation attendance skyrockets

By Jonathan Balmer

Opinion Editor

Source: Wesley Folsom. Dr. Greene delivers the convocation message.

Source: Wesley Folsom. Dr. Greene delivers the convocation message.

On Aug. 27 students filled John L. Hill Chapel for the yearly Opening Convocation. Although the new system of Nexus-credit certification went down, all students on campus received credit and there was hardly an empty seat.

Student Government Assoc. President Adam Wetherington introduced this year’s officers:
Vice President Anna Lisa Strickland; VP of Academic Affairs Adam Caudill; VP of Campus and Community Affairs Madelyn Frost; Student Concerns chair Tevin Lloyd; Public relations chair Taylor Dye.

Physics professor Dr. Jonathan Dickinson was then presented with the John Walker Manning Distinguished Mentor and Teacher Award to the applause of fellow faculty and students. Finally, at probably the most anticipated part of the ceremony, Acting President Granetta Blevins introduced the incoming President Dwaine Greene from North Carolina to give his first official address to the student body as President elect.

Greene focused his speech on Georgetown College as a world in microcosm with its own diversity of experiences, knowledge and accomplishments in which to take pride. He also shared his own excitement in taking his official duties as Georgetown College’s twenty-fourth President on Oct. 21, 2013.

Although President Greene’s academic expertise is in biblical studies and early Christianity, he related his love for both science fiction and a popular interest in theoretical physics. He cited Stephen Hawking’s book “The Universe in a Nutshell,” which draws its title from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” where Hamlet states, “I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space.”

Greene envisioned Georgetown, though small compared the vastness of the cosmos, as its own “universe in a nutshell” because of the knowledge and experiences of students and faculty. Greene emphasized he is “Tiger Proud” and noted that there is much Georgetown faculty staff have many reasons to be proud. He cited, among other achievements, the recent American Chemical Society’s certification of the Chemistry program and the men’s basketball team’s NAIA championship last Spring. At the same time, he recognized challenges must be met seriously. He quoted one of his most difficult professors, a professor of Greek grammar during his undergraduate years: “Don’t expect God to do for you what He gives you the ability to do for yourself.”

After Dr. Greene spoke, Dr. Deakins, the new choir director, led the choir in singing the Georgetown Alma Mater and “The Lord Bless You and Keep You” in benediction.