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Upcoming Presidential Candidate Sessions

News Editor

Students have the chance to meet and talk to all three presidential candidates that have been chosen by the presidential search committee.

Jason Rogers, one of the three candidates, has already made his visit to Georgetown, but you still have an opportunity to meet the others.

Source: georgetowncollege.edu Jim Newberry

Source: georgetowncollege.edu
Jim Newberry

Jim Newberry, former mayor of Lexington and current Vice President and General Counsel of Georgetown College, will be available for student questions in the John L. Hill Chapel this Wednesday, May 1 from 1-2 p.m.









Source: mcatexas.com Cheryl Kimberling

Source: mcatexas.com
Cheryl Kimberling

Cheryl Kimberling, president of Multicultural Alliance, will be following the same schedule on Thursday, May 2.