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Seniors express their hopes for GC

The girl on fire

GCFor this last Back Page issue, this writer asked a few graduating seniors to share their parting words with The Georgetonian. Due to the upcoming changes Georgetown is certain to experience in upcoming years, students were asked to explain what they hope to see change, improve and remain the same at GC.

“I hope the college maintains its sense of community and that it grows stronger over the next year. With so much change and new- ness on campus, I hope that individuals step up to help out and lead but also maintain the community that brought students like me to Georgetown in the first place.” -Justin Sizemore

“I hope to see improvement in school pride at GC. We have great academics, athletics and extracurricular activities! We have so many things to be proud of now and will have many more things to come in the future.” -Lauren Kohake

“I hope that the tuition rate decreases. I’m also excited to see how the new president implements various new policies. I would also like our faculty members to still be held in high regard and for the emphasis on teaching to remain the same.” -Melissa McLevain

“In the next few years I hope that Georgetown embraces dorm upgrades and continual upgrades of the Caf food selections.” -Cam Nixon

“I have no doubt that Georgetown will continue to thrive long after I’m gone. My hope for Georgetown has nothing to do with renovating dorms or building new halls. My hope for Georgetown is that it continues to foster the same kind of relationships I have had with my friends and professors for future students. That’s what will keep me coming back to visit.” -Evan Harrell

“I hope that the college remains faithful to its identity as a liberal arts institution, dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge not only as a means to an end but as an end itself. As part of that, I hope that the college resists the temptation to commodify education. In the midst of an academic crisis, that temptation is understandably strong, but I hope our leaders are able to fulfill the college’s financial needs without sacrificing the school’s identity. We are a small, liberal arts college. We are not a business or a money making scheme. I pray we all keep that in mind so that the school retains those qualities that made me fall in love with it four years ago.” -Rachael Castillo

“We need: better wi-fi; healthier options in the Grille; the Mulberry should play the college radio station so more people will listen to it; eco-friendly housing; solar panels on top of the flat roof dorms; rock walls in the rec.; more activities on Gidding’s lawn; more hammocks.” -Elizabeth Metcalfe with the additional ideas of Carolyn Allen, Phillip Davis, Jonathan Kays, Natalie Hymer and Jasmine Strunk.

“I think it’s weird to think about all the changes that have happened on campus during my mere four years at this place. I’m excited to see the future. We are about to experience a major shift with a new president, and I hope that a new face along with the incoming freshman class are really able to unite campus. I think it’s easy to underestimate all Georgetown is, and sure, it’s got its quirks, but this place challenges and changes students for the better, and the faculty prepare the students so well for the world outside of the Georgetown bubble. We come in as awkward, scared and impressionable freshmen and leave as strong, confident and determined leaders. It’s funny how a campus of just over 1,000 people can shape you to impact millions of others.” -Molly Shoulta

“My hope— and maybe this is a long shot— is that more students at GC will engage with what they learn in the classroom and take it with them to positively impact the world. I hope more students take the opportunity to study abroad, build meaningful relationships with professors and confront the challenges that come with friendship. I hope that challenge would not deter but instead spur on creativity. All my hopes for change come because I want to see the community, the family that is Georgetown, remain the same welcoming and loving place for all unique individuals who enter what I have had the honor of experiencing.” -Katie Sanders

“I personally want to see GC re-spark the fire within the faculty, staff and students.” -Marcus Pernell
“Georgetown College employs some of the greatest faculty and staff. I have been challenged in and out of the classroom because of them. Regardless of any changes Georgetown may experience in the upcoming years, my hope is that Georgetown College continues to employ professors and staff that are at the top of their individual disciplines. It is my hope that future students will never take their expertise for granted.” -Ann-Marie Miracle

“I hope that students take more pride in our school. Often students spend time complaining about Georgetown. However, even if there are problems we need to be proactive in the attempt to better our institution.” -Ethan Smith

“What separates Georgetown College from other higher education institutions is how quickly one can feel at home here. I fell for Georgetown during my first visit and it has been my home away from home ever since. It is my hope that this place continues to serve as a home for future generations of Georgetown students.” -LeRon Collier

Georgetown is truly an incredible place; interviewing fellow seniors granted this writer the opportunity to recognize the two primary values that most GC students take pride in: Georgetown’s community and our incredible faculty and staff. It is this writer’s sincere belief that the best years of Georgetown College are still to come.

And if you don’t know, now you know, Tigas.