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Source: Rachael Castillo Rachael Castillo is inordinately excited as she eats gelato in Florence.

Source: Rachael Castillo
Rachael Castillo is inordinately excited as she eats gelato in Florence.

Rachael Castillo is a senior who has made the most of her liberal arts experience at Georgetown. This English major will also be certified to teach secondary education when she graduates next week. She says that it was her desire to teach that originally drew her to Georgetown. “I had a wonderful teacher in high school who said she learned her craft at GC. She inspired me to explore Georgetown, and I then fell in love with the community atmosphere.”

The aspiring English teacher has spent her time tutoring her fellow classmates throughout her time at Georgetown. “I have tutored for math and English classes at GC, worked in the writing center and volunteered as a tutor both in the Georgetown community and abroad. These experiences have proved invaluable and I am so grateful for them.”

After graduation Rachael will serve as Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in South Korea. “I am super pumped for this experience, and I can’t wait to experience an entirely new culture and learn from my students as much as I hope they learn from me.” Rachael will leave in July for South Korea where she will remain for a year.

When asked about her favorite memory at GC, Rachael instead elected to reflect on her time spent abroad. “My semester abroad at Regent’s Park College, Oxford University comprised some of the best months of my life. It afforded me the opportunity to travel to ten countries and build life-long friendships.” After studying at Oxford, Rachael spent over a month travelling Europe. “I especially enjoyed Couchsurfing across Ireland. (If you don’t know what couchsurfing is, look it up! And try it if you ever get the chance!) As for on-campus memories, I have to mention Buffy marathons in Knight Hall and crazy conversations in the ‘English nook’ of Pawling Hall.”

When asked to offer advice to underclassmen, Rachael simply said, “Two words: Study abroad.”
Rachael enjoys climbing trees, quoting the Romantic poet William Wordsworth to intimidate middle school students and watching Parks and Recreation.