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Source; Ethan Smith Ethan is a dog lover and enjoys pizza anytime, anywhere.

Source; Ethan Smith
Ethan is a dog lover and enjoys pizza anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’ve seen him in a play or just heard him tell jokes, you probably know Ethan Smith. He is a native of Cynthiana, Ky., double majoring in philosophy and psychology with a minor in theatre.

Ethan’s first experience with Georgetown is different from most others’. He took classes here as a high school student and really enjoyed the faculty here. His father, Dr. Ed Smith, is also a theatre professor here. In fact, before Ethan was even a student at Georgetown, Ethan played in the 2008 film “Surviving Guthrie” filmed here on campus and directed by his father.

Ethan has been highly involved on campus in his time here at Georgetown. He has been a Maskrafter in the theatre department, he played on the men’s soccer team for one season, he was on the Psych-bowl Team and he is a member of the President’s House Association. He is also the Opinion Editor for the Georgetonian. When asked how all these experiences affected him, he had this to say: “I learned a lot from these experiences about the necessity for accountability, respect for others and the need to take pride in the things you commit yourself to.”

As for Ethan’s favorite memory here at GC, he says it was being in the fall performance of “The 39 Steps,” an adaptation by Patrick Barlow. “I was the male lead in ‘The 39 Steps’ last fall. It was the most fun, challenging thing that I’ve done in theatre, and I was able to work with a great group of people and make something really cool happen.”

After Georgetown, Ethan is keeping his options open. He would like to pursue a graduate degree in an area involving ethics or a mesh of psychology and philosophy, such as a program in philosophy of the mind.

Ethan is a dog lover, saying, “Dogs over cats. Always.” He’s also a sucker for pizza; he loves it. He says it doesn’t matter the topping or who made it. If it’s pizza, he’ll eat it.

Ethan would like to send a shout-out to his parents, the faculty who refused to let him settle for anything less than the best he could offer and the friends who aren’t afraid to tell him he’s wrong. He says he’s a stronger person because of them.