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President Crouch bids farewell

After a legacy of 22 years, Crouch says he will “always bleed black and orange.”


paint 290x290 President Crouch bids farewell

Source: Chuck Harris
This painting of Crouch was displayed at his farewell reception Tuesday, April 30.

President William H. Crouch, Jr., like many people, has a business card. The front states his occupation as President of Georgetown College, his address on 400 East College Street, and his phone number with a 502 area code. All of this information is about to change, as Crouch will step down after 22 years to let another leader step in. Although the front of his business card will soon be irrelevant, the back, he says, will remain the same. It reads, “Personal Calling: To empower young people to reach their fullest potential.”

“Your calling is something you do your whole life regardless of what your job is, so whatever I do, it’s going to be for that purpose,” Crouch says.

After taking a brief three-month break, he plans to keep working, and has had several job opportunities come his way. These all relate to giving young people opportunities in one way or another, and range from raising money for youth programs across the country, to helping a large African American church with college coaching for their young people, to being the CEO of a company that helps non-profit organizations raise money.

Crouchs 290x290 President Crouch bids farewell

Source: Flickr.com
President Crouch and wife Jan are “excited about the future.”

Dr. Crouch and wife Jan plan to move to Raleigh, North Carolina— a sweet spot close to their grandchildren, and even closer to the beach. They are renting a rather snug apartment for a year to “make sure that’s where we want to live, and to see if I’ll have to move because of jobs,” Crouch explained. The couple plan to travel, rest and relax.

Although they are excited about the future, the parting with the college is bittersweet from all the memories made in a little over two decades.

When asked to share some of his favorite memories, Crouch replied with, “Nothing creates more excitement than winning national championships, and we’ve won six since I’ve been president.”
He will also cherish the moments when individual students have come to him with exciting news about getting a Fulbright, getting to go to Oxford or getting into the grad school of their choice.
Although Dr. Crouch and his family will not be around campus next semester, they plan to still be a part of GC.

“I want to be available to the new president, to help with fundraising or anything that they might need me for,” Crouch says. He added that his face will no longer be a common sight on campus.
“I hope I can stay away a whole year, but come back for graduation a year from now, because I still know the students and I’d like to be around.” He encourages his Georgetown College family to contact him at his personal email address, wcrouch51@gmail.com.

Dr. Crouch says that he could never be another college president, the reason being:
“My love is for Georgetown College, and I can’t give my heart and soul to another college because I gave my heart and soul to Georgetown.”

He continued to say, “If I was president of another college, I couldn’t split the loyalties. I bleed black and orange, and I’ll always bleed black and orange.”