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Non-Discrimination Rally spreads awareness

News Editor

Source: kftc.org Students held signs expressing their support.

Source: kftc.org
Students held signs expressing their support.

The Non-Discrimination Work Group, or as member Cristian Nuñez refers to it, the Social Justice League, held a peaceful rally on Friday afternoon in front of Giddings Hall. The goal of this rally was to show support for the group in their effort to change Georgetown’s current non-discrimination policy, which does not ensure the protection of members of the LGBT community. Staff, faculty and students gathered together, many holding hand-made posters expressing their support. Two performers sang renditions of a few songs, changing the lyrics to fit the situation. The last song ended with, “Trustees, what matters more to you?”

Dr. Homer White gave a speech expressing the reasons why the Board of Trustees has yet to make progress in the situation. One area that concerns the Board is the matter of increased liability. In response, Dr. White brought up the fact that Georgetown’s athletics brings on an increase in liability but we find that the benefit outweighs the cost. As he said, “shouldn’t we embrace justice?”

At the end of the rally, strips of t-shirts were passed out to everyone in attendance. They were asked to tie them together and form a circle in which everyone became a collective unit. Many chose to sign their name in support of the group as part of a petition. This petition can also be found online at www.change.org/petitions/gc-non-discrimination. The online petition currently has 344 signatures.

The rally appeared in the Lexington Herald-Leader and the Kentuckians for the Commonwealth website www.kftc.org) bringing further attention to the issue. The hope is that the awareness will spread and the Board will feel the need to act.