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Keep calm: Midnight Brunch is here

Staff Writer

Source: Facebook.com Kati Wilson and Cailley Harris dress up for last semester’s Midnight Brunch.

Source: Facebook.com
Kati Wilson and Cailley Harris dress up for last semester’s Midnight Brunch.

By far the most popular meal in the Caf each semester, the meal where your favorite professor serves you a pancake with a smile, the meal where the Caf is open way too late for any sane person to want to eat, the meal where certain groups of students dress wild and crazy and dance on the tables for fun, known as none other than Midnight Brunch, is upon us!

What makes Midnight Brunch so appealing? By this time in the semester, I’m sure most students would agree, we are exhausted and half crazy in a caffeine-induced state, trying desperately to crank out those last few papers or banging our heads on the desks in frustration trying to memorize 50 pages of notes for that one final that we know is going to kick our butts. Suddenly, out of nowhere comes this meal that seems to magically fit our hectic schedules… mostly because we can only afford to take meal breaks halfway through the night.

This is a Georgetown tradition that truly exemplifies our sense of community on campus. From professors serving their students in an act of volunteer humility (sometimes in wacky outfits!) to the simple act of sharing a meal together, this meal brings the campus together (albeit in a mostly trance-like state of mind) for a break from the books and the stress to enjoy some delicious food and fellowship.

For anyone who has yet to experience the fun of Midnight Brunch, I say you are cheating yourself out of a priceless Georgetown College memory that someday you will cherish (once those finals are over, that is!) for the time spent with friends.

Phi Mus on campus certainly embrace this unusual meal by dressing up in strange, awkward costumes and generally acting like crazy people dancing on tables or singing loudly along with the music!

In whatever way you can, making Midnight Brunch the best it can be starts with having fun and enjoying the last bit of time with friends outside of classes before the end of the semester.

So take a break from the head banging and the typing and the caffeine for just 30 minutes or so to sit down and enjoy each other’s company! Midnight Brunch will be this Thursday, May 2. Be a part of the tradition and Keep Calm: Midnight Brunch is here!