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How can I successfully survive finals week?

tiger_faceOnce again the mind numbing time of finals is upon us. So before we start studying into the wee hours of the morning and spending large amounts of time wishing we had photographic memories, here are some tips that I hope will make your finals week a success. If you can, allow yourself at least two days or more to study for each final. It is easier to retain information over a period of several days, rather than just cramming it in during a few hours. Plan ahead! Create a manageable schedule that will keep you on track for when you should be studying. However, make sure you include time for breaks so you don’t become discouraged. What should you do during those breaks? I highly recommend the events that campus holds like Stress Less with Pets (I guarantee this one always works), Midnight Brunch and the awesome activities that GAC puts on that include games, food and fellowship. If you work hard during the day preparing for finals, that leaves the evening to review your notes, watch a movie or hang out with friends to unwind. My last piece of advice is to make sure you get a good night’s sleep before you take your finals. Honestly, it is better to have sleep rather than to stay up later and study as you will be more prone to make silly mistakes on your final and you won’t be able to reason through your answers as well. Best of luck to all of you and just remember that summer is right around the corner!

All questions answered by Hannah Krieger.