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Why you should become a regular patron of a Lexington Landmark

Arts and Entertainment Editor

We all watch movies. Either in the comfort of your own home on Blu-ray or DVD, at a Nexus event here on campus or on the big screen. But when you do go to cinema, where do you go? Living in the Georgetown/Lexington area provides countless different venues that offer a variety of experiences. There’s the closeness of the Theaters of Georgetown, the novelty of the Movie Tavern and the clean convenience of the many Cinemarks. But there’s one cinema that should really have your attention: the Kentucky Theatre.

First opening in 1922, the Kentucky Theatre is a historic cinema in downtown Lexington that emphasizes the importance of showing foreign, independent and art films in addition to new Hollywood releases. In addition, the theater is the sight of many concerts, UK game telecasts and special events. Each summer, the Kentucky hosts a “Summer Classic Series,” showing a different classic film each Wednesday throughout most of the summer, including a serial and a silent film to kick things off.

One of the most famous and beloved events that the Kentucky Theater puts on is its long-running midnight showing of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” One Saturday each month, the Kentucky Theatre utilizes its old-timey stage to create live performances with actors performing the musical numbers as they appear on screen. Combined with raucous crowd participation, the event is not one to be missed and a true Lexington cult favorite.

Unfortunately, because of its consistently low prices (which beat even matinee Cinemark prices) and low attendance, the Kentucky Theatre is also constantly engaged in money problems. Whether it is for necessary renovations, or just to keep the doors open, the Kentucky Theatre depends on the generosity of its patrons to stay afloat.

The Kentucky Theatre is a Lexington staple. Stepping inside either of its two major screening rooms is like taking a time machine to the golden age of movies. Combined with a staff made up of some of the nicest, most knowledgeable film-buffs around and ticket and concession prices that are unbeatable, the Kentucky Theatre is one of the true joys of Lexington that no one, especially people our age, seems to know about.

So change it! If you and your friends are just sitting around on a Friday night with nothing to do then go see a movie! The Kentucky Theatre is currently showing two new, wonderful films—Danny Boyle’s psychological thriller, “Trance” and Derek Cianfrance’s new crime drama, “The Place Beyond the Pines.” It’s super cheap, just as fun and will help some wonderful people keep an amazing institution up and running for years to come.