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When going to Keeneland should you dress for comfort or glamour?

tiger_faceWhen going to fancy events at Keeneland that require one to dress up, girls are faced with the time old question: should I look glamorous and be uncomfortable, or look not as good and be comfortable? I tell you the answer is both! Not uncomfortable and not good, but glamorous and feeling comfortable! The trick is to pick out an outfit that looks chic, but allows you to be yourself and be comfortable with what you are wearing. If you’re worried about the wind blowing around your dress you can wear a short pair of leggings under it, or even a thin pair of shorts. Also, if you choose to dress completely for comfort you can always wear a lot of accessories to dress up your outfit, like bracelets, necklaces, cute shoes or hats. Honestly, comfort should always be chosen over looking glamorous and uncomfortable because how are you going to enjoy yourself if you are continually checking that your dress is in place or those high   heels are pinching your feet?