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Tiger Day a success with admitted students

Staff Writer

crest_line_LLB_stack_colorIf you weren’t here March 23rd then you missed out! The campus was pulling out the big guns for Today’s Tigers. The majority of the campus was involved: at least forty clubs and organizations, ten student services, many student volunteers and every single faculty member had a hand in helping Today’s Tigers.

The admissions office, which was the mastermind behind the event, would have liked at least a hundred and twenty potential incoming students to attend Today’s Tigers. They are happy to announce that a hundred and fifty-eight potential incoming students attended Today’s Tigers and Georgetown received thirty-one deposits, which means they are committed to coming to Georgetown.

The visitors loved the involvement fair and reported that it was their favorite part of the event. All the students were so energetic and showed that they loved Georgetown and the attendees really felt that. The potential incoming students also were very impressed by the academic presentations/meet-and-greets and talking with the faculty. It was so personal and added to the at home feeling Georgetown already has.

The admissions office would like to thank everyone who helped with making Today’s Tigers the great success that it was. A huge shout out to the maintenance and house keeping who cleaned, painted, dusted, did landscaping, etc. The campus looked great and because of them, Today’s Tigers looked great. The admissions office would also like the give a huge thanks to Dr. Campbell and Dr. LaRue for the music. Also to the business office who never took a break during the event. Lastly, the admissions office would love to thank student life and the students on campus, they were the true recruiters.