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Thieves become problem on campus

Staff Writer

Source: Tumblr.com Bubba J is Suspect One.

Source: Tumblr.com
Bubba J is Suspect One.


Source: Picgifs.com Mario is Suspect Two.

Source: Picgifs.com
Mario is Suspect Two.

Students have been on high alert concerning their personal property on campus recently. Thinking twice about leaving phones, wallets or keys on the tables in the Caf, un-propping doors in residence halls and of course, keeping an eye on those personal items while working out in the Rec. This is due to the most recent email from Laura Wyly concerning thefts in the George Bush Rec Center. Several people have reported having personal belongings ranging from phones and wallets to Ipods and keys stolen from the bleachers in the gym and the shelves in the weight room.

From the email we have gathered information on the appearance of both thieves. We are all advised to be on the lookout for a 20-something year old, approximately 5’8” Caucasian man missing teeth and a shorter, more stout Caucasian man wearing a red baseball cap. Some popular artist descriptions for these two mastermind criminals might include the following: Bubba J and Mario.

Emily Eicher, a junior here at Georgetown was just one of the many victims that reported having her phone, wallet and keys all taken from the Rec last week. She warns fellow students to prevent further thefts saying, “whenever you see people in the Rec that aren’t students, call Campus Safety and make sure you utilize the lockers to keep your stuff safe.”
There are, in fact, lockers located in the restrooms of the Rec center where it is perfectly acceptable to leave personal belongings while you are working for those summer beach bodies!

In all seriousness, there are many parts of our small, enclosed campus that give us somewhat of a false sense of security. We have all been trained through the college years here to leave things unattended in several places on campus. Really there is not much stopping people from simply walking into a building, grabbing something small and leaving mostly unnoticed.

All students should be wary of leaving their personal belongings unattended, especially for long periods of time. Some of the residence halls on campus have already needed to change locks due to keys being stolen. Make sure you keep your things out of the hands of strangers! Be safe and be aware of your surroundings!