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SGA presidential election ensues


crest-only-278x2781There are four candidates running for president of GC’s Student Government Association (SGA). The election will take place this April 22-24, where students can vote via the online voting booth on my.georgetowncollege.edu. There will be an SGA House meeting this Thursday, April 18 at 11 a.m. in Asher 112.

During this meeting, the presidential candidates as well as Executive Council candidates will talk about themselves and their reasons for seeking office.

There are three sophomores running for President—Allie White, Katherine Roy and Adam Wetherington—in addition to senior Daniel Chick. The current president is sophomore Megan Norris. The term lasts a full school year, from the fall to spring semester.

I asked all four candidates why they were running for office, and here were their responses:
“Since James Koeppe mentioned that I should run for SGA president, ideas to improve this college community have consumed my thoughts. There are multiple reasons why I decided to run for SGA President, but the most substantial reason is simply that I have pride for my school. I want to see this campus become the best it can be and what better place to help that cause than student government?” –Allie White

“As the school is making some major changes, I think that this is the best time to run for this position, as now more than ever, there is the potential for positive changes within the school. I want to represent the student body to the administration honestly and realistically with the intention of solidifying a proactive relationship between the students and administration, while working to maintain and raise morale.” –Katherine Roy

I’m running for SGA President because I think that SGA hasn’t quite reached its full potential yet. I’ve wanted to be SGA President ever since I’ve been at Georgetown and Student Government is something that I’m very passionate about. Having transferred from UofL and witnessed their remarkable SGA, I have many great ideas that I would love to implement in order to benefit all students. –Adam Wetherington

“While the parking spot is definitely a nice, flashy perk, I’m running for SGA President because I care about the future of this amazing college—a place for which we all, despite its shortcomings, have a deep admiration. I believe, should I have the privilege of being elected president, that I will be the strong executive leader that Georgetown students deserve.” –Daniel Chick

There has been a new use of social media for this election, as some of the candidates have been encouraging votes through Facebook. There are pages like “Allie White for SGA President,” and Adam Wetherington’s cover picture that reads, “Vote Adam Wetherington for SGA President.”