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Source: Layla Padgett  Layla recommends eating at the Thai Garden.

Source: Layla Padgett
Layla recommends eating at the Thai Garden.

When asked what her favorite memory of Georgetown was, Layla found it difficult to think of just one. Some top contenders were the various mission trips she took during her time here, but she adds, “The everyday memories are just as important. Forming friendships here is my favorite memory.” She also says her now-husband Aaron’s PHA Stakeout was a pretty good memory too.

Layla came to GC with the last name Jasper but married her high school sweetheart Aaron Padgett last summer. They have had the same group of friends throughout college, and it was a meaningful experience to have them involved in the wedding. “When people say you might meet your bridesmaids/groomsmen here, believe it. I had several friends who I met in Knight Hall standing up there with me.” She continues, “For me, being married in college is one of the best things! It is different not living in a dorm surrounded by so many of your closest friends, but now I get to live with the person that has been my best friend for about six years.” Aaron is always around when she needs support from the stress that senior year seems to “hand out so generously.”

After Georgetown, Layla and Aaron hope to work for AmeriCorps at a non-profit organization that her mother started in her hometown. They offer services to nearly all people in crisis and have a homeless shelter as well. After a year doing that, they are hoping for an opportunity to live and work in South or Central America.

For underclassmen, Layla encourages involvement. She says it really does make a difference, and it helps in forming new friendships. She continues, “Become friends with at least one of your professors. They are wonderful people!” Next, she says that if you have the opportunity to do something fun, you should really do it. “Homework will always be there, and you really will get it done, so don’t worry!” Finally, she suggests that everyone take a sociology class-it will broaden your entire outlook on the world.

An interesting fact about Layla you should know is that she loves Thai Garden. “Everyone should eat there because, not only is the food amazing, but the people are wonderful.”