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Senior fills shoes of acting legend in “Shakespeare for My Father”

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Source: facebook.com

Source: facebook.com

In the forward of Lynn Redgrave’s 1993 one-woman show, “Shakespeare for My Father,” the legendary actress explains, “I set off on a journey that began almost as an act of desperation.” Though not out of desperation, Georgetown College senior Meredith Cave is poised to strike out on a journey of her very own. After graduating from Georgetown this May, Meredith, a theater and political science double major, will be moving to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams – an experience she refers to as “the greatest and most terrifying challenge God has called me to yet.” But before Meredith journeys to the City of Angels, she will grace the Ruth Pierce Wilson Lab Theater once more when she gives her own interpretation of Redgrave’s one-woman show on April 5th, 6th and 7th.

The play, written and performed originally by Redgrave, concerns Redgrave’s relationship with her father, the equally renowned and imposing actor and family patriarch, Sir Michael Redgrave. Opening on Broadway at the Helen Hayes Theatre and earning Redgrave a Best Actress Tony Award nomination, the play deals with Redgrave desperately seeking a relationship with her father; both of whom are torn apart and united through the theater and the eloquent words of William Shakespeare. A shy and somewhat sickly child seeing little of her father growing up, Lynn Redgrave lived very much in a fantasy world of her own construction. Her daydreams, because of watching her father perform, consisted largely of Shakespearean plays and characters. “Shakespeare for My Father” thusly gives Redgrave the opportunity to slip into many of the characters from some of the Bard’s most famous works, follows her father’s life through his death from Parkinson’s disease and her ultimate forgiveness of his failure as a parent.

Meredith, who has been a prolific actress throughout her Georgetown career, also performed earlier this semester in Cheryl Brumley’s “Fishing/On the Edge” and can be seen later this month in Professor George McGee’s “Ireland’s Greatest Export,” all the while participating in Georgetown’s OpShop. That being said, “Shakespeare for My Father” will be Meredith’s most challenging and important performance. Not only is the hour long play Meredith’s senior show, it will also be acting as her honors thesis, allowing her to graduate with honors from Georgetown.

Lynn Redgrave’s “act of desperation” changed her professional life. It led to films such as “Shine” and “Gods and Monsters” and empowered her to continue to make her own opportunities. While “Shakespeare for My Father” may not lead to Meredith immediately scoring a major Hollywood film, it could well be the beginning of an amazing journey to stardom for the young and immensely talented actress.

So, come out to see Meredith Cave perform Lynn Redgrave’s one-woman show, “Shakespeare for My Father,” for three nights only, April 5th, 6th and 7th, at 7:00 pm in the Ruth Pierce Wilson Lab Theatre. Tickets are only 2 dollars each and will be sold at the door (more information can be found on the event’s Facebook page). No less than three magical nights filled with amazing performances should be expected from the Georgetown veteran, and 2 dollars is a small price to pay to be able to say a few years from now that you got to see Meredith Cave perform before she was a Hollywood Star.