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Justice at Georgetown: a time to rally for fairness

Contributing Writer

logo Justice at Georgetown: a time to rally for fairness

Source: Non-Discrimination Work Group
Students are encouraged to attend the rally this Friday.

Members of the Non-Discrimination Work Group at GC say that the campaign for an extended Non-Discrimination policy has roused awareness on campus about equity and fairness in our community.
The campus community is invited and encouraged to attend a rally on the steps of Giddings commencing at 2:30 pm on Friday with music by WRVG and live performances by Georgetown alums Nick Pennington and Adam Standiford. The Non-Discrimination week culminates in a camp-in on East Campus following the Silent Disco in the WOW Grille Friday evening.

According to Dr. Homer White, “in 16 years at the College, I have never before witnessed students leading such an energetic and sustained grass-roots campaign for social justice.”

The group is presenting its letter to the Board of Trustees this week, in advance of Saturday’s full Board meeting, which will include more than 200 declarations of support and a link to the online petition at change.org/petitions/gc-non-discrimination that is approaching 300 signatures at the present time.

The letter urges the Board of Trustees to revisit the faculty non-discrimination policy and advocates creating an environment where all are welcomed, valued and protected equally.

The Group believes it is imperative to align GC’s policy with its practices concerning non-discrimination. The current exclusion of gender and sexual orientation from the faculty non-discrimination policy conflicts with the college’s public commitment to diversity. The time to act is now!