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How sweet is sweetFrog?

Staff Writer

Just over on Connector Road, a hop and a skip away from Lowes and Kohl’s, lies a small shop that is taking the campus and this college town by storm. sweetFrog is the name and delicious, nutritious frozen yogurt is the game.  Opening shortly after Christmas in 2012, this international franchise opened its first store in Kentucky right here in Georgetown. The owner of the Georgetown sweetFrog, Steve Williams, has opened one here as well as in Pikeville and is soon to have two more stores open in Frankfort and Winchester.

Since I began working at sweetFrog in early January, I get asked the same two questions all the time, “What is it?” and “Where is it?” sweetFrog Premium Frozen Yogurt was founded by a man named Derek Cha and his wife Annah-Kim in 2009. The mission: to create the best frozen yogurt experience ever. The store that started it all in 2010 resides in Richmond, Virginia. Over the past four years, this franchise has expanded to 23 states and two international locations, one in London, England and the other in the Dominican Republic. By this summer sweetFrog will have over 260 locations spanning mostly up and down the east coast and reaching towards the west coast.

The store here in Georgetown features a nice, clean, family-friendly interior with 16 different flavors and over 50 different toppings, including but not limited to fresh fruit, candy bars, gummy candy and an array of sauces such as chocolate syrup, caramel, marshmallow goo and melted peanut butter; all of this deliciousness for only 45 cents an ounce. There are so many different options that there is something for everyone. A great feature is that most of our yogurt is low fat, non-fat or sugar free. We also carry at least two sorbet options for those who are lactose intolerant.
Another major question I get asked all the time is, “Are you guys like Orange Leaf?” Yes, but only in a very general sense. We both have the same grab a cup, fill ‘er up, top ‘er off, weigh it and pay for it system, but there is one major difference, the yogurt. Orange Leaf’s yogurt is made of powder and water; sweetFrog takes a slightly different approach.

At sweetFrog, the yogurt is real, made with all of the fantastic benefits of actual yogurt. We get our yogurt from a company called YoCream; they specialize in frozen yogurt, sorbets and much more. Their yogurt is made with real milk and eggs, never powder. Not only is the yogurt real, but it’s low in calories too. The average flavor has no more than 100 calories per serving, and the non-fat and no sugar varieties have even fewer calories.

So, how sweet is sweetFrog? Considering it’s only five minutes from campus, has options for everyone, is healthy, less expensive and much closer than Orange Leaf; I would have to say it’s pretty darn sweet. With only a few weeks left in school, summer is just around the corner, so in case you can’t wait, stop by sweetFrog to get a taste of the summer sun, even if only for a few minutes. Don’t worry, summer is almost here!