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How can I successfully pull an all-nighter?

tiger_faceHonestly, all-nighters have to be the worst experience known to mankind, so the best advice is to avoid them at all costs! However, because we are college students, we are subjected to the possibility of meeting with one or multiple all-nighters. Here are some tips that I hope will help. First, have a plan for what you want to accomplish, that way you have something to follow when you can no longer think. Second, you should avoid food and drinks with sugar because even though they do give you energy, the crash that comes after it is not worth it. Believe it or not, the blueberry Naked (which is a delicious fruit drink blend), which can be bought in the Mulberry, gives more energy than a caffeinated soda will. You can also subject yourself to energy drinks if you are desperate. Third, when you are really tired, you can splash your face with cold water. If you find yourself losing focus, allow yourself a short break to walk around the room, dance around or sing a song (quietly of course so you don’t disturb your neighbors who are actually getting sleep). Also, when pulling an all-nighter make sure you do not have a lot to do the next day. It is much easier to make it through the horrid day after if you don’t have to think that much. Best of luck to those who still have all-nighters to pull, and just remember if you plan ahead and schedule your time wisely, you will never have to face a dreaded all-nighter again!

Questions answered by Hannah Krieger