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Food for Kids sponsored by SOC 118 still taking supplies

Staff Writer

The Georgetonian/ KATI WILSON Donations are being accepted at the Sociology House.

The Georgetonian/ KATI WILSON
Donations are being accepted at the Sociology House.

One of the greatest things our students take pride in here at Georgetown is our commitment to service. Obviously, going to a college with such deep roots in the Christian faith, all students are encouraged to serve one another both on and off campus and to give of ourselves for the good of the greater community. A great number of our students are passionate about filling the needs of others and there are quite a few ways in which our campus shows support and love for people in need.

One such group on campus has grown from a service learning course to a functioning project serving children in our local community. The SOC 118 service learning class, taught by Dr. Cribbs, has taken upon themselves a challenge to grow outside the classroom to provide food for underprivileged children during the weekends. Kati Knight, Whitney Gaines, Brittany Baker and Marcela Correa have started up this program that they hope can continue into the next school year through the help of others in their class and the campus as a whole.

The Food for Kids program they have started partners with the Royal Springs Middle School backpacking program. The backpack program provides students three meals a day plus snacks on the weekends. This program is for students to receive full meals on the weekends as most of these kids would probably not have meals to eat otherwise. The food donations, after being collected and divided for the middle school students, are placed discretely in the students’ lockers every Friday for them to take home and enjoy.

Interested in helping out? Looking for a way to get rid of those 200 Tiger dollars you’ve been hoarding till the end of the semester? Kati Knight, one of the program facilitators has this to say, “We would love more help! Students, faculty and staff can bring in all kinds of non-perishable foods! Pop-tarts, canned goods, granola bars, canned or juiced fruits and veggies, shells and cheese and raviolis. Those kinds of items are generally what they are looking to send home so they won’t spoil.” Any items that students can donate can be dropped off to the Sociology house located next to the Student Wellness Center on Hollyhock behind the AGD house. Gently used clothing would also be appreciated as the school is also hosting a clothing drive for the children who may not be able to go out and buy new clothes as they grow!

Remember as Miss Joe hands you your lunch today with that huge smile on her face, there is someone out there, maybe quite nearby, not so lucky. So head over to the C Store and put those Tiger dollars to good use or visit Wal-Mart or our lovely new Kroger Marketplace and pick up some much needed food items! Help our awesome fellow Tigers make a difference in the lives of children in our community! Hats off to everyone involved in this program here on campus as they answer the call to serve the needs of others!