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I haven’t seen any good movies in awhile, is there anything new out in theaters worth seeing?

tiger_faceFortunately, the month of April is jam packed with new movie releases that will have something for everyone. Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson team up in the film “Pain and Gain,” which is based on a true story about two personal trainers who get involved in an extortion and kidnapping plight. Of course, keep in mind it is a Michael Bay film… Consequently, “The Big Wedding” is also being released this month, which stars Amanda Seyfried, Ben Barnes, Robin Williams, Robert De Niro, and Diane Keaton among so many others. The movie is supposed to be a rom-com where families set aside their differences and feelings in support of the wedding that is about to take place. Another movie that looks particularly fantastic is “At Any Price.” It tells a story of a father (Dennis Quaid) who wants his son (Zac Efron) to take over the family business of buying land, rather than allowing him to follow his dreams as a  NASCAR driver. Unfortunately this film will only be released in New York and Los Angeles, which means you can either book a trip for a weekend, or rent it when it is released nationally on DVD. Now that you’re probably having a hard time selecting which movie to see, look up their trailers and see which one interests you.

Questions answered by Hannah Kreiger.