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Dance Marathon raises $6,000 for CMNH

Staff Writer

dancemarathon 290x290 Dance Marathon raises $6,000 for CMNH

The Georgetonian/ COLLIN SMITH
The dancers welcome the family of a child affected by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

On Friday, March 22, at 5:00 p.m., a group of students began a great adventure: Dance Marathon. For several months there have been posters covering the Georgetown College campus and tables outside of the Caf, encouraging students to register for dance marathon. This year, 52 students registered to dance in the marathon. Those who did not join have probably heard various stories about the events that night. Hopefully, they are planning to join in on the fun next year!
Dance Marathon is a night filled with extreme fun; however that is not what it is all about. F.T.K! It is for the kids. The money raised through dance marathons is entirely donated to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. This year the participants had the wonderful opportunity to meet a couple of families that have been blessed through CMNH.
As the Blair and Hilton families told the dancers their experiences of struggles and the triumphs that they were able to have due to the support of CMNH, the dancers realized how important it is. CMNH was vital to their triumph because it provide the hospital financial sources that they would not have had otherwise. Listening to their stories proved to be a meaningful experience.

The night was jam-packed with various activities and opportunities for fun. Some of the themes of the night included 90’s throw back, field day and rave hour. Two of the biggest hits by far, were karaoke and Zombies vs. Humans. The dance floor became a battle field, as the dancers fired Nerf guns at the invading zombies and struggled to survive. Of course the evening involved a lot of dancing too. Each hour the dancers learned a new piece to a collaborative dance that they would be performing at the end of the marathon. Now all of this constant standing and moving was not easy.

The dancers had to stand for a little over 17 hours.

Luckily, when their strength began to fail them, the Dance Marathon leaders provided them with food for a fast energy boost. This year the dancers’ snacks included Papa John’s pizza, Hong’s doughnuts, fruit, Chick-Fil-A sandwiches and so much more. Perhaps the most enjoyable was the morning breakfast relaxing and watching “Sponge Bob.”

dancemarathon2 290x290 Dance Marathon raises $6,000 for CMNH

The Georgetonian/ COLLIN SMITH
Meredith Johnson, co-director, thanks the dancers for being there.

There were also many Dance Marathon leaders, such as Marcus Pernell, to encourage the dancers during their weakest moments. With a lack of sleep, a whole lot of dancing, and some great laughs,it was definitely a night of memories.
But who was behind the scenes organizing the marathon? The planning process literally took the team a whole year.
New executive members were voted on at the end of last year’s dance marathon, and they began working right away on planning this year’s event. This year the team’s  co- directors were Eddie White and Meredith Johnson. The rest of the board included Ashley Fox, Katie Jones, Deanna Johnson, Max Tsang, Laura Frazier, Sarah Parker, Brooke Whitaker, Sasha Hughes, Marcus Pernell and Jesse Farley. They all worked really hard and did a fabulous job organizing Georgetown College Dance Marathon 2013.

This year the participants of Dance Marathon raised $6,071.40 out of the $15,000 goal. Although they did not reach the goal, this was an incredible accomplishment. It is for the kids, and thanks to the hard working leaders and dancers, we were able to make a difference. Having participated in the event, I encourage everyone to register for Dance Marathon next year. It is an investment that you will not regret! I would also like to thank all of the hard working members of the executive team that made Dance Marathon a memorable and successful experience.