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Top 10 Entertainment Venues

In the Georgetown/Lexington area

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Top 10_edited-11.  Georgetown and University of Kentucky Athletics
Though many students pass on supporting their fellow Tigers on the court, all Tigers should consider checking out Georgetown’s talented teams. GC has an excellent athletic tradition that students should take advantage of throughout their four years of undergrad.

If you live under a rock, then you may not know that Georgetown’s men basketball team won the Final Four game of the NAIA tournament two nights ago and advanced to the championship game last night, Tuesday, March 19, 2013.

2. Cosmic Bowling
If you’re looking for something to do late at night, check out one of the few bowling alleys in Lexington that offer late night bowling opportunities. Collins Bowling Centers is one of the few venues to offer late night bowling. The alley is open from 9:30 p.m. – 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights.

3. Karaoke
Although many students enjoy singing their hearts out in the glorious setting of Applebee’s, another restaurant in Georgetown offers its patrons a fun-filled night of karaoke, as well. Fat Boy’s Barbeque off of highway 25 provides home-style food and a fun atmosphere perfect for singing karaoke to your favorite country song.

4. Keeneland
Once winter finally makes its final exit, Georgetown students will flock to Keeneland. Whether you love horses, enjoy the races, want to win a bit of money or just enjoy the social aspect of the track, Keeneland is a perfect hangout for all. Keeneland loves college students. In fact, the track will host its annual College Scholarship Day, Saturday, April 5. As described on their website, College Scholarship Day is “…an opportunity for college students to enjoy a day at the races and possibly walk away with a college scholarship or other great prizes.” Students will have free admission on this day, as well as access to free snacks, live music and opportunities to win prizes throughout the day.  Also, there will be 10 drawings for scholarship winners. In the past Georgetown students have won up to $1,000 or more from this experience.

5. Kentucky Theatre
If you are a movie buff check out the Kentucky Theatre in downtown Lexington for a new movie-going experience. First opened in 1922, this historic cinema is a nice change of pace from the countless unworthy theatres in the Lexington area. Though the theatre plays current movies, it often focuses on independent and artistic films. Earlier this fall the theatre showcased “The Perks of Being A Wallflower.” Currently, the theatre is playing “Amour” and “Quartet.” Also, once a month the theatre features “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” a cult classic that has been shown for multiple audiences since its 1975 release. For more information on the Kentucky Theatre, view their full schedule of events at http://www.kentuckytheater.com/showtimes-calendar/.

6. UK Hockey
Attending a UK hockey game is an experience, to say the least. Located at the Lexington Ice Center, midnight hockey is a fun way to spend your Friday or Saturday evening. Grab a milkshake at Tolly Ho, and head on over to watch the Cats take the ice. To ensure that you have a seat, arrive at the rink at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the match. UK’s club hockey team plays schools from all over the country. Prepare to get rowdy; these fans are loyal and take hockey just as seriously as March Madness.

7. Ice Skating in Triangle Park
Although you’ll have to wait until the next holiday season to try out this form of entertainment, ice-skating in Triangle Park is the perfect activity for a night out with your significant other, or a fun form of entertainment when hanging out with friends. Located in the heart of downtown Lexington, patrons have the opportunity to enjoy the brisk temperatures in a beautiful setting.

8. Dollar Theatres
Prior to entering college, the idea of  a “dollar theatre” was a foreign concept to this Back Page writer. I was under the sad assumption that all theatres charged $8 for tickets on average. However, after becoming a Georgetown student I was soon introduced to this money-saving form of entertainment. Lexington contains a few dollar theatres. The Cinemark Lexington Green Cinema near Fayette Mall is extremely accessible from Georgetown, and features several films each week for the small fee of $2. Currently, the theatre is showing “Gangster Squad,” “This Is 40,” “Monster’s Inc.,” “Les Miserables” and many others.  So, if you’re interested in checking out the big screen but don’t want to spend a lot of money, check the options at the dollar theatres in Lexington.

9. Champ’s
This venue allows you to harness your inner kid. Champ’s has a fun atmosphere where customers can participate in bowling or laser tag. Grab a few friends and head to Champ’s to embrace the spirit of competition.

10.  Georgetown Activities Council events
Although GAC often sponsors on– campus events for GC students, this organization also brings Tigers affordable avenues to attend professional sporting events, such as Cincinnati Reds baseball games. Other fun outings include “Movies on Us,” an event that allows the first 100 Georgetown students to see a movie at the local Georgetown theatre for free. In addition, students interested in theme parks can attend King’s Island near the end of the school year for a reasonable price. Other trips include Tubing at Perfect North and an annual trip to the zoo. GC students should strongly consider taking advantage of these opportunities.

And if you don’t know, now you know, Tigas.