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Third Annual Dance Marathon to be held this weekend

Staff Writer

Source: facebook.com Dance Marathon Executive Board members finish final preparations over Spring Break.

Source: facebook.com
Dance Marathon Executive Board members finish final preparations over Spring Break.

If you have walked past the Caf on any given Monday this semester, you probably noticed the smiling faces of the Dance Marathon Executive board.  Or, you may have seen their Harlem Shake video featuring our very own Tigers.  Dance Marathon is entering its third year on Georgetown’s campus and is quickly becoming a fixture of the service lives of many students.  The event raises money for the Children’s Miracle Network, and all proceeds go to Kentucky Children’s Hospital in Lexington.  “One of my favorite things about dance marathon is that it brings multiple groups and people from around campus together for one cause, for the kids” says Senior Meredith Johnson, Co-Director.  Dancers for the event represent many sororities, fraternities, sports teams, classes, majors and other groups on campus who stand together for 17 hours and 87 minutes (Georgetown was founded in 1787) in a show of solidarity for the kids of Kentucky Children’s Hospital. 

Various speakers from Kentucky Children’s Hospital and Children’s Miracle Network will be speaking at various times during the event to remind dancers of why they are there.  Speakers will include children who benefit from Dance Marathon funds of various ages and their families, who will share their stories.  Dancers will remain on their feet for the entirety of the event in a show of support for the kids of Kentucky Children’s Hospital, putting themselves through the discomfort that these children go through every day.  There will also be an Inspiration Tent in the REC to give encouragement to dancers throughout the night in the form of letters and posters from Miracle Families.  Dancers will be able to spend time with several Miracle kids who will be present throughout the night.  Dancers will be able to eat and interact with the kids and get to know them on a more personal level.

Though the name of the event is “Dance Marathon,” non-dancers will also be able to join in on the fun.  Other activities for the night this year will include a scavenger hunt, the ever-popular humans versus zombies, ultimate frisbee,  costume contests and other fun events.  Each hour has a theme, and the activities for that hour reflect said theme.  Hours for this year include concert hour (when several campus bands will perform), movie hour and 90’s hour (which will feature several activities that will take you back to your childhood).  Other things to look forward to throughout the night include Hongs donuts, rave hour (which involves glowsticks) and breakfast served by several professors.
This year’s fundraising goal is $15,000, up from last year’s total of over $11,000 (last year’s goal was $10,000).  Georgetown’s Dance Marathon has had an unprecedented growth rate in past years, doubling from $5,000 in its first year.  Registration for the event is $40 if paid online or $25 if paid in cash, and students can still register until the day of the event.  Registration fees paid by the dancers cover expenses like tee shirts (each dancer gets two), food and other expenses for the event and remain separate from the fundraising goal.  In order to register, go to www.dancemarathongc.org and click on the “Register” tab.  To learn more about the event, visit their website (mentioned above), like them on Facebook (Dance Marathon: Georgetown College), follow them on twitter (@DanceMarathonGC) or look them up on YouTube.