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Source: Ciara McDaniel  Ciara plans to pursue her dream job of becoming a dentist after graduation.

Source: Ciara McDaniel
Ciara plans to pursue her dream job of becoming a dentist after graduation.

Ciara McDaniel, a focused but lighthearted student, gives the glory to God when asked about how she came to love and major in the sciences. Before entering Georgetown, she wasn’t entirely sure what route she wanted to go, but had dabbled with the idea of child psychology. However, when a visiting missionary made a visit to her home church, she received the guidance she had been praying for and began following a path to Dentistry. She says that becoming a dentist is truly her dream job, but that she hopes to see herself working missions with that profession and blessing those less fortunate than her. While she isn’t jumping right into Dental School after graduation, she cannot wait to spend her gap year gaining experience and getting her feet wet in preparation for her future. When it is all said and done, Ciara says a movie of her life would feature Julia Roberts as the lead role and Channing Tatum as her love interest.

What makes Ciara different from many of her fellow classmates is her heart for and commitment to her family. She has been a god-mother for two children for the past three years and takes her role in their life very seriously. While, to her, it does signify that she is dependable enough to be entrusted the care of two small children, she also commits as much time as possible to them in the here and now as they are growing up. Sophie and Ryder were ready and waiting for her to come home for Spring Break and spend time with them. Ciara even admits that Sophie would be the inspiration if she discovered and needed to name a star explaining, “my god-daughter calls me CiCi and I just feel like I would want to name it that because then she could always look in the sky.” Family, like her god-children, is the number one thing she misses about Owen County, her homestead, because her family and her hometown have provided for her constant support and unconditional love. She also goes on to confess that she is very happy to be away from the drama of her high school.

In reflection, Ciara says there isn’t a lot she would change about her time spent at Georgetown. With the exception of the cost, she says her only real regret is not getting out more and balancing fun a little more with her studying. She also muses that the GC tradition she will miss the most is the Hanging of the Green because of the significance of the season, as well as the love and coming together of Georgetown as a family.