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Tigers continue winning ways over CU

Staff Writer

Though Cumberlands player Creshaun Holt recorded a double-double of 20 points and 11 rebounds, the Tigers were still able to easily put away Cumberlands University in the second half. Playing at Davis Reid Alumni Gym, the Tigers beat Cumberlands University 81-68 with the help of a monster game by Vic Moses.

Vic Moses scored nine points within the first ten minutes, overpowering and outmaneuvering other big men in the paint. The turning point in the first half occurred when Mychal Parker drove into the baseline and dunked hard on Cumberlands’ Creshaun Holt, adding energy to the game that wasn’t there before. There was an offensive foul on another part of the court, but the play still strengthened the Tiger effort. By halftime, the Tigers were up 36-30, and would hold the lead the rest of the way by no less than six points.

Vic Moses led the Tigers with 27 points, 15 rebounds and four assists in one of his best overall nights so far this year. He wasn’t alone dominating the front court, as Deondre McWhorter had 14 points, four rebounds and two blocks to help anchor the Tigers. Monty Wilson led all guards with 16 points and hit four out of six threes. The rest of the Tiger guards combined for another 16 points, and the Tigers as a whole shot 57 percent from the field. They held Cumberlands University to only 29 percent shooting.

The Tigers have won three in a row since a loss to Shawnee State University on Jan. 24.