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Shenaniganery ensues at Georgetown

Part III of III in a serial short story about having fun on Georgetown’s campus

Previously in a true story written to prove that fun adventures can happen on Georgetown’s campus on the weekends: A scavenger hunt of three friends on the second floor of a GC dorm have their game interrupted by an unidentified culprit who stole their pulley system twice. After the second disappearance, two of their company disappeared as well. After almost an hour of searching, they finally found their two missing friends, L and U.

Staff Writer

Apparently, the second– story friends were not very good detectives after all. It seems that L and U stole the pulley the second time and did indeed frame the card players by asking them to return it. They then hid from their friends, following them around and sending them clues to yet another scavenger hunt. While the second–story friends searched for L and U, they were devising a plan to continue the night’s fun.

The first clue that L and U came up with was attached to a dry erase marker and thrown through the open second story window of home base. They thought there was no way for the others to miss it. This clue was not received, however. Upon further investigation, it was found wedged between the outer awning and windowsill in a two inch crack. It had landed there unobserved by the second story friends. If found, this clue would have led the students to the Rec where U and L would have been waiting with a prize. Unfortunately, this plan did not work out. Instead of following cleverly– placed clues, the students were searching for their “lost” friends.

Upon hearing all of this, everyone laughed and shared their different perspectives. At one point U and L had been hiding in a study room when the others came right into the doorway; they did not come into the room far enough to see them however. At another time, the two fugitives were hiding in a shower as the others passed. They left and a few minutes later, C looked into the same shower. Always just out of sight, these two had been trailing their friends for almost an hour. As the group shared stories in an animated way, they came to a sickening realization: U and L stole the pulley the second time. They only thought of it after someone else had pulled the trick first. They still did not know who had taken it to begin with! A mystery was still unsolved!

The unsuccessful detectives said good night and parted ways at about 2:30 a.m. But the night was far from over. Upon returning to her room, U heard a voice outside her open window. It said “Which window was it?” Suspicious, she rushed to ask C’s roommate, “E” what was going on. E had not heard the voices, but an unidentified object had been thrown at her window. When C returned from brushing her teeth, they all decided to return to the lobby to see what was going on.

The lobby had been empty for the last part of their adventure, but now, as they peered through the window, they collectively experienced a moment of déjà vu. There sat the card players, playing away, just as they had been before. With great trembling and trepidation, the three girls from the second floor opened the door to the lobby and rushed over to the others with a hunger for truth and desire for justice.

“Did you take the pulley the first time?” C asked. Confusion ensued. It was obvious that misunderstanding was hindering communication. “Are you guys messing with us?” one card player asked. “What’s going on?” It turns out that when the pulley is lowered from the second story window, it hangs noticeably in the window of the lobby. Upon observing this, the card players thought they were being beckoned, and retrieved the pulley only to find a confusing clue in it as part of some game. Uncertain of what it meant and not sure if they were being pranked or not, they returned the plastic vial to the concrete wall outside. Later, they were approached by L and U and asked to place the tube back outside. C explained what had happened and everyone had a good laugh. Community was strengthened and the mystery was solved. That night, the second story friends could sleep well, knowing that no loose ends were left untied.

In the end, at least 24 people were involved in the night’s escapades including the second floor friends, three passer– bys, the card players and various onlookers encountered throughout the night (including one of Georgetown’s infamous opossums crawling around outside). These people took part in an adventure that grew far beyond the expectations of a creative group of young people looking for a night of good, clean fun. They did not leave campus. They did not spend a cent, yet they grew closer in friendship and in community. People were involved, creativity was invoked and the great thirst for adventure was quenched— at least temporarily. Let no one say that Georgetown is a boring place unless they admit to being boring people. The campus is exactly what one makes of it, and there is no shortage of adventures to be had.