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Shenaniganery ensues at Georgetown

Part II of III in a serial short story about having fun on Georgetown’s campus

Staff Writer

Previously in a true story to prove that fun adventures can happen on Georgetown’s campus on the weekends: Six friends on the second story of a GC dorm set up a scavenger hunt for themselves, entitled “Blue’s Clues.” The first clue, in a pulley system out the second story window, was stolen and then reappeared without explanation. They replaced the pulley as a trap to see if the culprits would strike again.

Apparently the second story friends were not very watchful, for no one saw the next attack. Eventually they noticed, however, that the pulley was once again missing. This time they were truly befuddled. What was going on? This second assault was the impetus for a full-fledged investigation. The students split up, created a home base (which consisted of a dry erase board, markers and an eraser) and began outlining possibilities of suspects, motivations and methods. The card players in the lobby were, of course under suspicion, but there were also those three passing students who had walked by before. What did anyone know of them? C thought she knew the phone number of a sister of the girl they had seen, so she texted her, but did not know what to expect since it was by now about 1:30 in the morning (As it turns out, they heard back from this “sister” the next morning. She did not have a sister and C immediately deleted her number as she did not know who the stranger on the other end of the conversation really was).

Finally, C decided to stake out the culprits. She hid in the bottom of the bench outside her dorm. Lying down, she waited while her friends watched from second story windows. C’s efforts were quickly rewarded. Soon a girl—one of the card players—crept outside and placed the pulley on the concrete wall. “Aha!” C cried, leaping out of hiding and chasing the girl back into the lobby. “Aha!” she cried again, entering and confronting the six card playing culprits. “Don’t know anything about it, eh?” she asked, holding up the vial triumphantly. She was met with denial and confusion. Realizing that there was no escaping the fact that one of their number had been seen returning the pulley, they changed their tune. No longer did they “not know what she was talking about.” Now they “had been framed.” “She told us to!” they insisted. “Who told you?” asked a skeptical C. “That girl did. She did a somersault across the floor and told us to put this out there. She said not to tell you all.” “Who was it?” C pressed. Glancing at one another, one of them finally caved in—“L.”

Surprised and uncertain, C, still clutching the pulley, headed for the stairs. “I’ll be back,” she said, seeking answers and explanations from her second story friends.

Upon reaching her room, C found that L and another girl, “U” were out looking for clues, but everyone was excited to hear what had been going on downstairs. They did not know what had happened after they saw C follow the card player inside. After more speculation and whiteboard diagramming, L and U still had not returned. Getting impatient, a few went to find them. With no luck, they started a more thorough investigation to find the missing members of their second story friends.

The friends searched the building systematically, starting at the top level and splitting up to cover all stairwells, bath and study rooms. With no luck, they reconvened in the home base on the second floor. By now it was about 1:45 a.m. and they started getting worried and confused. Where were the two girls? Blue’s Clues had become CSI. Was this a real mystery? The girls’ phones had been called, but both of them had been left in C’s room. Their keys were also present, so it did not seem likely that they had driven anywhere. Just to cover all bases, the second story friends staked out both of the girls’ cars and even called L’s boyfriend. People seen in the lobby and halls were asked about the girls’ whereabouts. No one had any answers.

Eventually, 2 a.m. rolled around and the group resigned themselves to the now empty lobby because they were a co-ed group and did not want to get written up. No more crimes were needed that night (and this story wishes to prove that fun can be had at GC on weekends legally). Were the girls in danger? It seemed premature to call campus safety. And how would they explain it anyway? “Um, yes, we lost two of our friends somewhere within this building while we were playing Blue’s Clues.” It was out of the question.

Finally, around 2:15 a.m., the group had split up again for a final search. From the ground level, a cry rang out which drew them all back together. “She’s behind a tree!” they heard. Sure enough, there behind a tree outside the dorm crouched U, and L was just behind her! They turned and ran, with two of the second floor friends in hot pursuit. After an extended sprint, the breathless friends were reunited. “What the heck?!” C shouted. Where have you all been? C was beside herself and full of anxious energy; she almost seemed ready to tackle or punch one of her recently lost companions. What was their story? What had really happened that night?