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The Georgetonian/COLLIN SMITH TJ is a communication and political science double major and a member of the President’s House Association.

The Georgetonian/COLLIN SMITH
TJ is a communication and political science double major and a member of the President’s House Association.

A native of Shelbyville, Ky., TJ Kelly claims that he chose to pursue his undergraduate degree at GC for several reasons. “Georgetown didn’t have an essay on their application, and it (Georgetown College) was the first school that I applied to and the first school where I was accepted.” The communication and political science double major was encouraged to apply to GC by his longtime best friend and fellow GC classmate, Reid Stivers.

Since beginning his college career at Georgetown, TJ has become involved in Residence Life. A member of the organization since his sophomore year, TJ is now the Resident Director of his fraternity, the President’s House Association. In addition to his collegiate extracurricular activities, TJ has spent the past few years working for Big Rock Sports, a sporting goods distributor. Through his job he has had the opportunity to go to Salt Lake City, Phoenix and Las Vegas a few times a year for trade shows.

TJ also enjoys several hobbies. The avid fan of TV series encourages everyone to check out “Scrubs,” a hospital sitcom starring Zac Braff. “Everyone needs to watch all eight seasons of “Scrubs.” I genuinely believe that you can learn every life lesson needed by watching it.” After swimming for 12 years, and giving up the sport when he came to college, TJ has enjoyed participating in intramurals with his PHA brothers. “My favorite sport is water polo. It’s what I look forward to all year.”

During college, TJ found a new place to call “home.” His family now lives in Morehead City, N.C, and he admits that he has fallen in love with all that North Carolina has to offer. He admits that he is thankful to have his sister, Lauren Kelly, here at Georgetown with him. “Having her at school with me makes home not feel so far away.”
When asked what memories he will cherish after leaving Georgetown, TJ reflected on late night trips to Hong’s with his best friend Reid Stivers, and Eddie White. He is also thankful for his girlfriend, Erica Hagan, and the constant support she’s offered him over the past few years.

TJ’s advice to Georgetown students is simple. “Everyone should get their tuition’s worth by developing relationships with their professors.”  He is extremely grateful for the impact that Dr. Chris Nix, chair of the Communications department, has had on his life.

After graduating in May, TJ plans to go to graduate school at either North Carolina State or Florida State to pursue a master’s degree in Organizational Communications. “I want to go into some sort of public relations or consulting.”
Regardless of what life after Georgetown entails, TJ is sure to be successful in his endeavor to just “take life as it comes.”