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Source: facebook.com Charlie spent a term at Regent’s Park College at Oxford University and is married to former Tiger Liz (Fannin) Crowe.

Source: facebook.com
Charlie spent a term at Regent’s Park College at Oxford University and is married to former Tiger Liz (Fannin) Crowe.

Charlie Crowe is a true embodiment of the virtues of a liberal arts education. The Frankfort, Ky. native had the following advice to offer Georgetown students: “Don’t be afraid to take classes outside of your normal area. You’ll probably be surprised at what you like.” As a chemistry and English double major with a minor in mathematics, Charlie has certainly taken his own advice.

A graduate of Western Hills High School, Charlie says he chose Georgetown College because of its admissions office. He says, “Whereas I got form letters with my name filled into a blank from most other colleges, the admissions officers at Georgetown actually took an interest and were much more active in talking to me.”

It’s a good thing Charlie chose Georgetown because its liberal arts culture allowed him to explore all of his interests. Charlie is a member of both the American Chemical Society and Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society. The Renaissance man studied English literature while abroad at Regent’s Park College, Oxford, has played the piano for nine years and plans to attend graduate school for chemistry.

He may have an interest in the sciences, but Charlie’s passion for reading reaches all the way back to his childhood, when he played Little League Baseball. Rather than spend all of his time in the dugout watching the game, Charlie brought books with him to games and read when he wasn’t playing. When asked what he likes to read, Charlie said, “I have always liked Neil Gaiman and I think that the Sandman graphic novel series is one of my favorite books of all time.” He continued, “Mark Z. Danielewski’s ‘House of Leaves’ is one of the most terrifying and mind-bending books that I have ever read.” His favorite canonical authors, or “English Major” texts, as he calls them, include William Shakespeare and Emily Dickinson.

Deciding on a favorite chemical reaction was slightly more difficult. Eventually he declared, “I don’t want to make any of the professors mad at me for jilting their area of expertise, so we’ll say something simple like an acid-base reaction. That’s pretty diplomatic.”

When asked about his favorite Georgetown memories, Charlie mentioned “midnight Wal-Mart runs for five-hour energy, coffee and chocolate” and weekend shenanigans with friends. “Oh and, you know, Oxford,” he added. “My experiences at Oxford were both one of the best academic experiences I’ve ever had and the most exciting period of my life.” That’s why Charlie recommends that every Georgetown student “looks really seriously into studying abroad.”
Another high point in Charlie’s experience at Georgetown has been his wife, Elizabeth Crowe, formerly Elizabeth Fannin. Liz, a native of Inez, Ky., is a Georgetown College graduate of 2011 and is currently studying medicine at the University of Kentucky. She and Charlie married in July of last year.

Demanding academic schedules have made it difficult for Charlie and Liz to make concrete plans for the future. Eventually, Charlie plans to attend graduate school and may want to teach chemistry at a small college. For now, he and Liz are preparing to spend the summer in Bethesda, an area about ten miles outside D.C., where Charlie will be working at the National Institutes of Health in the National Cancer Institute with Dr. William Figg, who holds an honorary bachelor’s degree from Georgetown College. Regardless of where Charlie and Liz end up, their future is certainly bright.