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"You never know how a good laugh can help someone's day"

“You never know how a good laugh can help someone’s day”

If she could be any animal, she would choose a dolphin because she loves the ocean. “I am also jealous of all of the tricks and flips that they can do because I can’t even do a cartwheel.”

This psychology major, sociology minor from Louisville, Ky. came to Georgetown in hopes that it would become a second home for her. If you’ve spent much time with Becca, you will know building relationships with people is important to her, so she wanted a close-knit community in which she could do just that. She enjoys being able to see someone she knows every time she walks across campus.

Becca is an active member of Sigma Kappa sorority, which has given her so many opportunities to grow. She previously served as a Panhellenic Delegate and enjoyed the experience because it grew her relationships with other Greek women.
You may have seen her giving campus tours for the Admissions Office, which she enjoys even though the bright orange polo shirts clash with her hair. “One of the coolest things,” she says, “is having a freshman come up to you and say that your tour was one of the main reasons that he or she decided to come to GC.”

Becca has been on the Dean’s List every semester and is a member of both Psi Chi (psychology) and Alpha Kappa Delta (sociology). She was a Junior Marshall, and she is a member of the Order of Omega (shout-out to all her Omega sissies like Chelsea Fake and Amanda) and a PHA Lil Sis. Becca also founded a secret society called “Tiny Lips,” and if you’re lucky, she might let you in.

If you’re ever feeling down, just talk to Becca: she loves making people laugh. “You never know how a good laugh can help someone’s day.”

After college, Becca would like to get a Master’s Degree in Social Work and eventually pursue a career in youth ministry. “This past summer, while interning with the youth group at my church, I had the opportunity to help lead a mission trip to Costa Rica that has really made me reevaluate the things that I value in my life. Missions has always been a big part of my life and I hope to one day go back to Costa Rica and stay for longer than two weeks.” Opportunities in her past such as this and an internship with students with emotional and behavioral disorders have led her down this path. She says, “Building relationships with these students that are typically looked down upon gave me the desire to work with similar youth in the future.”

Her advice to underclassmen is to be spontaneous: “Whether it’s a late night trip to Sonic, watching ‘Pitch Perfect’ for the hundredth time or an impromptu midnight snowball fight in the quad, enjoy all the little things and funny memories because that is what you will take with you when you graduate.”

Becca will definitely miss traditions at Georgetown like Hanging of the Green because she loves the Christmas season, but she knows the friendships she has made here will get even stronger after she leaves. “So many people at Georgetown have impacted my life and I will never forget that!”

Last but not least, Becca would like to give a shout-out to Mrs. Joe for making every Thursday brighter with her tortillini. “I need to find a way to have a travel size Mrs. Joe to take with me after I graduate.”