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REVIEW: Mill Stone Market

Back Page Editor

The Georgetonian/COLLIN SMITH Mill Stone Market is located in the shopping mall near Theatres of Georgetown.

The Georgetonian/COLLIN SMITH
Mill Stone Market is located in the shopping mall near Theatres of Georgetown.

Often, Georgetown students become irritated with the lack of restaurant choices in our area. While most Tigers frequent popular eateries such as Applebee’s, Galvin’s and Lock and Key, it’s always nice to find a new venue near campus that offers great food for a price reasonable for a “broke college kid.” Millstone Market is located near the movie theatre in Georgetown and offers a chill environment with delicious soups, sandwiches and other homemade delicacies.

If you enjoy Panera Bread, then you’ll love Mill Stone Market.  Next time you have a free afternoon to grab lunch, stop in at this quaint café to sample a plethora of sandwiches, soups and delicious baked goods. There are daily specials each day of the week, and these meals range to include homemade barbecue and Reuben sandwiches, potato soup, tomato bisque soup, chicken noodle soup and several others. If you aren’t interested in the daily specials, patrons can choose from a wide selection of sandwich meats, breads and vegetables to create their favorite type of sandwich. Sandwiches can be served cold or toasted, and the portion is very large in comparison to other restaurants. Overall, Mill Stone Market meals blow venues such as Subway and Jimmy John’s out of the water. In addition, the staff is very amiable and the dining area is extremely clean.

Also, the café boasts a large selection of bulk groceries with homemade candies, jams and cooking necessities lining the aisles. According to Urbanspoon’s review, these groceries range from “a large selection of flours, spices, no salt added soups and vegetables, low sugar, gluten free and organic products.” Likewise, the same deli that serves fresh sandwiches will also allow you to buy their wide selection of products by the pound.

Instead of always settling for the convenience of fast food, the next time you’re in need of a quick lunch and are craving a fresh taste, stop in and grab a bite at Mill Stone Market. You won’t regret it.