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Much needed housing renovations coming soon

Back Page Editor

Source: http://www.georgetowncollege.edu/studentlife/files/2011/05/collier.jpg

Source: http://www.georgetowncollege.edu/studentlife/files/2011/05/collier.jpg

Recently, Tigers received an email regarding news of building renovations soon to occur on campus. Thanks to an ongoing relationship between GC and the Brown Foundation, Georgetown’s Residence Life received a $500,000 grant that has made these impending renovations possible. Georgetown College plans to spend some time this semester and over the summer working to improve campus facilities.

Students should be excited to hear that Residence Life has decided it is high time to renovate some of the dorms on campus. These renovations will aesthetically improve the overall living experience for students living in each of the dorms. The “86 bed halls” of  Flowers Hall, Allen Hall and Collier Hall will all receive new paint in their lobbies, hallways and laundry rooms. In addition, floor tiles will be replaced as needed in each individual dorm.

In addition, all “40– bed hall” Greek dorms will receive renovations, with the exception of Phi Mu because it is the most recently renovated of these dorms.

The Greek dorms will receive restorations in their bathrooms. All restrooms will be painted with Epoxy paint, a paint similar to what has been used in the women’s restroom of the main floor in the Cralle Student Center. Additionally, the shelving units, sinks and vanities will be replaced.

Residence Life has also decided to replace the plumbing and flooring in the shower area, and new lighting will be installed.  Laura Wyly, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Residence Life, says that the college intends to renovate two of these dorms over Spring Break and then complete the rest over the summer.

Tigers can also expect to see updates in both the Chapel and Learning Resource Center. The basement classrooms and restrooms of the chapel will receive a facelift with new paint in each room. Similarly, the LRC will receive fresh coats of paint in the restrooms, as well as the front and back foyers.

Dean Wyly is excited about the remodeling. “I have seen several samples of the materials that will be used already, and I am excited to see the results.” Dean Wyly is confident that students will be impressed with the end result.