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Is it ok if we go to the Rec or Caf?

Contributing Writer

Source: http://www.the-parenting-magazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/best-iphone-games-66.jpg

Source: http://www.the-parenting-magazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/best-iphone-games-66.jpg

I’d like to preface this with a statement: I swear I’m not actually a jerk. Sometimes I like to say things to provoke critical thought or response. Sometimes those things are my actual opinions, other times they’re solely intended to get people thinking and talking. You can decide which this piece falls under.

I’ve noticed lately that Georgetown College is a popular place. For various reasons, there have been quite a few people on campus that don’t actually go here, especially small children, of whom I’ll admit I’m not particularly fond of. Middle school trips in the Caf, Boy Scouts everywhere and lots of youngsters in the Rec—all the time. This is where I’m going to turn a little bit bitter. I understand the world doesn’t revolve around me (sometimes…), but I’ll be honest and say that I find having these groups on campus so frequently to be a total inconvenience. Don’t tell me that you’ve never walked into the Caf to the sight of hundreds of screaming children and had the desire to dose all their drinks with Benadryl. It’s crazy! Having a small army of other people’s offspring stuffing their faces in the Caf is not pleasant. Anyone hoping to make a quick Caf trip is completely out of luck because there’s no chance you’ll get out of there quickly. Total inconvenience.

Likewise, the Rec has been filled with little tykes as of late. Several times that I’ve gone up to play basketball (often through the cold and rain I might add…yes I’m complaining about walking a mere 300 yards—in Kentucky weather, it’s an absolutely brutal trip) and found my hopes crushed by the thunderous noise of small children bouncing basketballs off each other’s faces. Now, I understand that this past weekend a charity tournament was taking place. Which is fine, I suppose. But all of the  the Rec courts were closed for the weekend because of it. I’m not going to sit here and try to argue that we shouldn’t host charity tournaments, but why couldn’t students have used the courts that weren’t in use, or used them after the tournament games were finished? Similarly there were many camps held on campus over the summer. I lived in Georgetown and often tried to use the Rec, and quite often I wasn’t allowed, simply because camps were there. Even during times when the facility wasn’t being used by camps, I would be kicked out. As students, we pay far too much to go here to not be granted access to these facilities. Total inconvenience.

I realize I sound quite childish myself right now. I’m sorry. Perhaps there are reasons for these child infestations of which I’m simply ignorant. If so, I apologize again. I’m just quite annoyed with paying a pretty penny to go to school here and being inconvenienced by the little buggers that have been roaming campus. It seems like the kids could go eat at their own cafeteria and not pollute mine with their presence. Or students could use the Rec facilities that are open even when the booger-clad bairns are here. Just maybe. Please?