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GLADD Week encourages safe spring breaks

Staff Writer

Source: facebook.com Students wear their new GAC sunglasses.

Source: facebook.com
Students wear their new GAC sunglasses.

With spring break just around the corner, many Georgetown College students and staff are trying to promote fun but healthy spring break plans. For instance, some of you may have heard Dr. Burch’s speech on the “Five Principles to Keep in Mind during Spring Break”:

1. Your body is a temple.
2. Alcohol is not the answer.
3. Seatbelts save lives.
4. Herpes is forever.
5. Staph infections are not a joke.

However, GC staff are not the only ones promoting a safe spring break environment. GAC (Georgetown Activities Council) will be hosting GLADD (Georgetown Leaders Against Destructive Decisions) Week, Monday-Friday, March 4-8. This week will be dedicated to helping educate students on how to have a safe and fun spring break. GLADD Week can be found all over campus, including booths outside of the Caf, guest speakers in the Chapel, information sessions in the Jones Hall Nelson Suite (what was the Hall of Fame Room) and much more. Many of these events will count as Nexus credit, including Wednesday night’s guest speaker who will discuss alcohol safety. GLADD Week’s goal is to support fun just as much as safety. For example, students will be able to brush up on their volleyball skills at the    beach volleyball tournament held on Thursday at the sand volleyball court on South Campus, and many of the events will include spring break related giveaways such as spring break survival kits.

Evan Jacoby, Georgetown College junior and leader of GLADD Week, says the main point of this week is to make students aware of ways they can make their spring a fun, safe experience. He says it is easy for students to find themselves in unsafe situations especially when they go to places such as the beach for vacation. He hopes that GLADD Week will inspire students to make healthy decisions that will allow each and every student to return safely to Georgetown College after spring break is over. Keep an eye out for posters announcing times and locations of all the exciting events GLADD Week has in store.