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Equine Scholars provides unique opportunities

Staff Writer

Source: Facebook.com GC’s Equine Scholars take annual portrait.

Source: Facebook.com
GC’s Equine Scholars take annual portrait.

Do you like horses? Have you ever thought of working in the equine industry? If so, then the Equine Scholars Program may be right for you. The goal of the Equine Scholars Program is to show students jobs in the equine industry that people do not generally associate with it. The program takes a student’s major and links it to a specific part of the equine industry. For example, the program shows the scholars how Spanish majors are important to the equine industry because many horse groomers are native Spanish speakers.

The program teaches the scholars through internships, trips and guest speakers. One of their guest speakers was the general manager of The Thoroughbred Center in Lexington, Ky., who spoke on using synthetic turf. One of many equine veterinarians the group will be visiting this semester is a Georgetown College and Equine Scholar graduate. The scholars plan to visit The Kentucky Equine Humane Center among many other equine related destinations. There will even be an Equine Art Exhibit on campus towards the end of the semester. New to this year, non-Equine Scholars are allowed to join the scholars on some of their equine–related trips.

Abby Gates, a Georgetown College sophomore and Equine Scholar, says the program is what brought her to GC. She is originally from Arkansas and loves how the Equine Scholars program gives her access to Kentucky’s amazing equine resources. She looked at a lot of different equine programs at a lot of other schools, but what she liked about Georgetown College’s program is there is no previous horse experience required. You just need a desire to work in the horse industry.

The Equine Scholars Program is a scholarship program, so if you wish to join you will have to fill out an application and be approved. Applications are not limited to freshmen, so you can apply no matter your academic year. Email Elissa Baertschi, the new director of the Equine Scholars Program, at Elissa_Baertschi@georgetowncollege.edu for more information.