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Dance Marathon unites Tigers

A woman without regrets

The Georgetonian/ COLLIN SMITH Justin Sizemore was one of the many students joined together to make GC’s Dance Marathon 2012 a success. DMGC raised $10,595 last year.

The Georgetonian/ COLLIN SMITH
Justin Sizemore was one of the many students joined together to make GC’s Dance Marathon 2012 a success. DMGC raised $10,595 last year.

It occurs to this writer that we as human beings spend our time creating barriers and divisions between our selves and others. Rather than uniting with our peers due to common beliefs and respecting those who hold different opinions, we allow shallow judgments to separate us from others. On Georgetown’s campus, students are often divided based on trivial matters such as your major, whether or not you wear Greek letters, what religious organization you choose to affiliate yourself with and even where you live on campus.

While there are several moments throughout the year that showcase the severity of these “divisions,” it occurs to this writer that Songfest and Greek Week are prime examples of campus traditions that often create an atmosphere of competition, ultimately creating rifts within our GC community. While it is not this writer’s intention to suggest that having various clubs and organizations is a negative aspect of Georgetown life, it is my intention to recommend that when we, as Tigers, have the chance to come together as a campus to support a cause greater than ourselves, we take advantage of that opportunity.

Dance Marathon presents the perfect opportunity for Georgetown students of all backgrounds to join together and support a cause that greatly benefits our local community. GC’s annual Dance Marathon will be held for the third year on March 22 in the Rec. Beginning at 6 p.m., students will dance nonstop for approximately 17 hours and 87 minutes.  Junior Ashley Fox serves as Dance Marathon’s Public Relations Chair. She began her involvement with DMGC as a dancer her freshman year, the year Dance Marathon first appeared on Georgetown’s campus. When asked about her experience she says, “I fell in love with the cause that DM supports and decided to get more involved by joining the Executive Board.”

All of the fundraising efforts of Dance Marathon participants will benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. According to Ashley, “Dance Marathon is a nation-wide event that works in association with the Children’s Miracle Network. Its goal is to bring people together for one night to help those who can’t help themselves. This is exactly the purpose behind Dance Marathon Georgetown College.”
The Kentucky Children’s hospital in Lexington is the nearest Children’s Miracle Network Hospital to Georgetown. CMNH’s goal is to keep the money raised by organizations such as GC’s Dance Marathon  local. This means that the fundraising efforts accomplished by Georgetown’s students will directly assist patients at Kentucky Children’s Hospital. Ashley went on to comment on this aspect of supporting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. “What is so great about Dance Marathon is that all of the money raised goes to local hospitals. So, (by dancing) you’re helping those who live in your own community.”

Meredith Johnson and Eddie White, Co-Directors of Dance Marathon Georgetown College truly believe that Dance Marathon cultivates an atmosphere of community where all Georgetown students can feel welcomed. “It unites the campus. You have people coming from all parts of campus to participate. Different organizations and clubs are represented by dancing for a cause,” says Meredith. Rather than breaking off into cliques, students are unified by the common goal of dancing for the kids of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Eddie says that “because you’re with each other for so many hours dancing, you have the opportunity to meet people you otherwise may not have had the chance to know.” Meredith encourages students to not shy away from DM for fear of being tired. “Being on your feet is hard, but it’s nothing compared to what the CMNH kids go through on a daily basis.”

Unlike other campus traditions that often encourage division amongst GC students, Dance Marathon is an event that allows all students to come together to dance “For the Kids,” Ashley says. “We want to unite all of the students at Georgetown for one night and, as a group, fundraise for kids and their families so that they can receive the medical treatment that they so desperately need.” The purpose of DMGC is to unite Georgetown’s student body. So, bring your best friend, your FFG sibling, your teammate or your fraternity brother, and sign up for Dance Marathon Georgetown College. You’re certain to meet a fellow Tiger in a setting that benefits our immediate community.

And if you don’t know, now you know, Tigas.