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Chapel gets a facelift

Gheens funds allocated for needed repairs.

Staff Writer

The Georgetonian/KATI WILSON Changes include repairing the brick siding on the steps.

The Georgetonian/KATI WILSON
Changes include repairing the brick siding on the steps.

In various ways the John L. Hill Chapel is the living room of Georgetown College. It is constantly being used. Geographically and as a representation of our Christian heritage, the chapel is somewhat of an anchor for our campus. We use the building for a huge selection of events: plays, Songfest, worship, etc. Being a Christian campus, there simply could not be a better symbol of our commitment. Ironically, the current condition of the building is somewhat embarrassing. The college has been aware of the desperate need for renovations for some time, and has recently done some of the funding needed.

The John L. Hill chapel is not quite as old as many people believe. It was built in 1949, and was named after a former Dean of the college. The chapel has had smaller renovations in the past, involving inside details such as painting and new seats. However, it is now time for those to be updated as well. The college has identified well over half a million dollars’ worth of projects that could be done, but a journey begins with the first step. The college has raised about $90,000 that will be used for the first three projects. The Gheens Foundation has given the college $50,000 of what has been raised.

The first project will be repairing the roof. The slate roof is in need of a little patch work. The second project will be painting the steeple. Looking at the bottom corner of the steeple, it is easy to spot the peeling paint.  Restoring the steeple will also require some gutter work to prevent future paint damage. The last of the three projects the college intends to have done is repairing the brick siding on the steps on the south end of the building. The current condition of the brick is really rather awful. It is uncertain exactly how long the project will take to be completed. It is estimated to take about six to eight weeks. It is the hope of the college to have the renovations started by March 23 which is Today’s Tigers, a big admissions day event. The college hopes to soon replace the gutters with larger ones, dig and place drains around the chapel to prevent water from damaging the foundation, various window work and repainting and cleaning the beautiful stain glass windows.

We take pride in our campus and it is vital that we take care of our facility. It is important for our campus to function and also be appealing to the eye of possible new students.