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Bookstore completes the switch

Staff Writer

The Georgetonian/ KATI WILSON Brooks Barber, junior, works in the new bookstore.

The Georgetonian/ KATI WILSON
Brooks Barber, junior, works in the new bookstore.

As you may have noticed, there have been many changes done to the Georgetown College Bookstore. This is what Michelle Bowling, head of the GC Bookstore, and the PR representative of Follett Higher Education Group had to say about the changes:

1. Who currently owns the bookstore?
“Georgetown College owns the bookstore while Follett Higher Education Group serves as the bookstore operator.”

2. Why did Georgetown College make the change?
“Follett is focused on driving student success by increasing access to the materials needed for success. To do so, we offer a ‘Bookstore of Choices’—including the largest inventory of used textbooks in the industry and growing assortments of rental and digital textbooks.”

3. What are the major differences between the new store and the old store?
“With this partnership, Georgetown students have 24/7 access to Follett’s popular used, rental and digital programs—in-store and online via efollett.com. We also look forward to bookstore updates/renovations, which will begin this summer.”

4. How do you think the new store will benefit Georgetown College?
“As an educational partner of Follett, the largest provider of bookstore services in North America, Georgetown College’s campus store is also supported by continued large-scale investments to meet the evolving expectations of faculty and students. With new technologies, systems and resources, Georgetown College and Follett will work together to reshape assortments and explore additional services.”

Students seem to have their own pros and cons with the new store. Caleb Nicol, a Georgetown College student, said he liked how the new store is less cluttered, but he thinks it looks a little bare. Sara Bishop, a Georgetown College student, likes how students can walk in the back and get their own books, but she thought it took them longer to order books that were not in stock. Coming from a student who does a lot of bargain hunting when it comes to textbooks, I was pleasantly surprised to find that some of the bookstore’s rental prices were cheaper than Amazon.com prices (something I did not see with the old store).

For more information, you can visit www.fheg.follett.com.